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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, February 01, 2002
These disclosed incidents are fearful,unthinkable and painful

Trafficking in women and young girls seems to have increased tremendously in the last two decades in Bangladesh as well as in south Asia. A grave issue is the recent regional linkage established by the gangs of traffickers for trafficking in women and children. Continuous trafficking of women from the country had overridden all other incidents in the country. It is mentioned here that women folk of this country subjected to numerous tortures. Bangladesh is a red area for human rights violation. Fact- finding reports showed that 80 % victims are mainly women of them 63% are living at the village area. Sexual torture, cruelty to women , kidnap, and beaten to death are common features, even every year hounds of house wives are tortured due to dowry, many of them are even tortured to death.
Many children and women are being trafficked from the country each year. The anxiety on this aspect is at very front of our minds. Even though the concerned ministry, police force and border securities are alert, the traffickers have not yet shown any sings of slowing down. Trafficking incidents are continually coming to the fore. These disclosed incidents are fearful, unthinkable and painful. Although there is enough laws and regulations against women cruelty and trafficking. In many cases . The traffickers or human rights violators are not punished.
Why this type of human rights violation are increasing at an alarming rate or dramatically? poverty? illiteracy? Lack of law? or empowerment of rural women? Or ???????? RANA

People Discussion
(Friday, February 01, 2002)

Thanks Rana for raising this topic. I am not sure but I think Red Barnet is working to aware people against trafficking in women and children in Bangladesh. I had the opportunity to work briefly on this issue and based on secondary data, my belief is that the chief reason is poverty. Often the traffickers entice rural women and their families with the hope of a better future (through employment in the city). The other reason is lack of awareness. Actually most people in Bangladesh don't know that trafficking is a big problem and every year, an alarming number of women and children are being trafficked. Finally it's the legal situation. Traffickers are organized and have powerful backing like drug peddlers which can be traced back to the top of the society!

(Saturday, February 02, 2002)

Ppl such as yourself are being heard these days...which is a good thing...maybe know things will be done and not just discussed.

(Saturday, February 02, 2002)

the situation is really unthinkable, we need to empower the rural women to protect themself.

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