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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, January 25, 2002
From: shybal
````~~~```` So many of yaaaaa ````~~~````

So many of yaaaa know about the pain yaaaa feel when someone you're attached to turns out to be emotionally unreliable...........

It seems that negative attractions can be more compellin' than positive ones. Traumatic bondin' a highly prevalent condition of human relationship has an addictive biochemistry of its own........fear n fuckin' pain rrr powerful reinforcers -- powerful enough in many cases to turn even the strongest into Pavlov's dogs, salivatin' for someone ya know is no good for uuuuu!!!!!!!!!

These feelings often move into the negative column n can spiral downward, pushin' the positive reasons yaaa got together into the twilight zone n makin' them difficult to recall............

(So what are the signs that yaaaaa rrr involved in a negative attraction?......let me share my thoughts with yaaa all unless someone come up with better bla bla)

1. Yaaa lose emotional control over urrrrr life as ur partner constantly violates the trust of relationship

2. Yaaa feel desperately needy because urrrrr partner has been withholdin' of love n unreliable.........unlike meeeee!!!!!

3. Ya settle for too little.....ur partner doesn't treat ya with respect, yet yaaa keep goin' back for more.......

4. Yaa feel addicted to ur partner though yaa know he or she is only bringin' ya down

(each one of yaaa has a bottom n it's up to ya to realize when yaa 've reached that bottom........n then ya 've to take action to regain control of urrrr lives!!!!!!!)

kintu -------------------------------

People Discussion
(Saturday, January 26, 2002)

if i was able to take action to regain control of my own life, I would not be in this situation in the first place!! It's love, and only love which makes one helpless, and you are helplessly helpless to help yourself knowing all thsese truth.

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