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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, January 19, 2002
From: pardeshi

A news report on 'New Nation' catch my eye(jan 18th 2002).I am putting part of it for all of you.
A Calcutta based organisation launched an massive anti Bangladesh propaganda to block the country's recent initiative to get duty free and quata free access of its garment to US market.
The President and secretary of 'Nikhil bangla nagarik sanga(NBNS)wrote a letter to US Congressman Joseph Crowley, the co-chair of Bangladesh caucus in US Congress.
Addressed to Mr, Crowley, the letter begains with "In light of your visit to Bangladesh along with Congressman James McDermott to discuss the garment quota for Bangladesh we wish to bring the following concern to your attention.
Interestingly the official mouthpiece of NBNS 'Mayer dak' contains the name 'Hasina' in its web address.(
The letter signed by nbns president Dhiman Dev Chowdhury and secretary Chanchal Chatterjee said ,since the victory of Khaleda Zia after the general election on Oct 1,2001, numerous newspapers and eyewitnesses reported widespread violence against hindus and other minorities of Bangladesh.
These two dick heads also talks about fundamentalist being active in our country.More people died in India than any other country in religious riots.Current indian government was formed with the help of hindu fundamentalists.
India never was or never will be our friend.They are takeing advantage of our country since its birth.Its time we treat india as it is and everyone please if you care for Bangladesh STOP BUYING INDIAN PRODUCTS.Buy Bangladeshi and use our products and help build a strong nation.We may not be a big country but with our resolve,determination and hard work we sure can be a great country.

People Discussion
(Saturday, January 19, 2002)

Nice write up pordeshi. I agree with you. But I don't find much strength in your voice while you said: Stop buying indian products. it's not easy! not easy at all.

Let's do just one thing: Stop watching indian movies, listening to Indian songs, and stop watching all indian TV channels. Can YOU do that with your family and friends????

(Sunday, January 20, 2002)

I agree that India is not our friend but then again treating India as a foe wonít help us either. Having a large, powerful neighbour has its pros as well as cons. We need to be diplomatic in dealing with India. Canadians donít consider the US a close friend yet they donít express it in their dealings with the US! They try to maximize the advantages of being close to the US while minimize the disadvantages through diplomacy. Maybe itís high time our politicians take a crash course in diplomacy!

(Sunday, January 20, 2002)

Kanka,Yes its not easy but doable.Whenever I am shopping I check the tag to find out where the item was made,if its from India I don't buy it.I do watch some movies from India but one or two a month,sometime none for months.
Kumropotash,I get your point but your example of Canada and US is not appropriate here.Canada is US biggest trading partner,Canada has couple of billion dollar deficit.In our case no one knows what is the deficit between India and our nation.It is certain that India has a huge advantage over us.We were manipulated by India for so long,its about time that we start thinking about the this problem and do something about it.Nothing will happen overnight,but we can change and we have to change with time if we want to survibe in todays competitive world.

(Sunday, January 20, 2002)

You missed the point Pardeshi! You cannot afford to avoid interacting with a large and powerful neighbour. When NAFTA was formed, Canada benefited from it just as the US and Mexico. I wonít say that Bangladesh canít make any progress on her own but it will be much easier if we capitalize on the fact that India (the country with tremendous market potential) is our neighbour. Thatís how we will be able to survive in todayís competitive world. The current India-Bangladesh scenario needs to be changed but absolute cutting off with India is not a feasible and constructive solution.

(Tuesday, January 22, 2002)

The relationship between US and Canada is different than that of India and Bangladesh.Trade between these two countries are much more than trade between US and the Europian union.In Bangladesh case we buy lot more than we sell.
I am asking individuals not to buy Indian products and in no way asking our government to cut all ties with India.We have to protect our industries and build new ones.We have to stop buying onion,eggs,sugar,fish and things like these from India.I am sure if we try we can produce our own groceries.We have to free ourselves from Indias grip.
Kanka, I am curious why are you so mad at men? Send me an e-mail at: Rb

(Tuesday, January 22, 2002)

Yes pardeshi, the relationship between US and Canada is different than that between India and Bangladesh and that’s where our politicians lack the skills of diplomacy! Thanks for the clarification about not buying Indian products – it seems lees drastic now and makes more sense!

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