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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002
From: shybal
```~~``` proposeeee n win the heart ```~~```

Very few life events require as much thought n preparation as marriage.........So it?s not surprisin' that people want their proposals to be perfect -- the culminatin' n memorable point in a relationship.............

We can all think of typical ways of askin'.....the man gets down on bended knee n pulls out a box with a rin' to ask his beloved to spend the rest of her life by his side!!!!!!!

This traditional approach certainly works but -------instead of goin' the traditional route, why not dazzle her with emotion, romanticism n originality?.........let me share my thoughts with ya all....!!!!!!!!!

1. ~~~Make a video~~~~

Feelin' a little shy? Make a video of urrrrrrr proposal n then ask ur girl to sit by ur side to watch some television n then surprise her with ur romantic programmin'

2. ~~~~Do it in mid-air~~~~

A more public display of commitment n affection is to 've the captain of ur airplane announce urrrr proposal over the intercom.....(just make sure ur loved one is in the seat beside yaaaa ? n u?re sure of her reaction)

3. ~~~urrrrr way or the highway~~~

Imagine drivin' home from campus n seein' a billboard with these words: "pocha meye, will yaaaaa marry me?"

4. ~~~raindrops fallin' on urrr head~~~

Niagara Falls is a popular traditional honeymoon location.......though I had seen from opposite

5. ~~~Valentine's Day surprise~~~

Instead of offerin' the traditional card, flowers n chocolates on February 14th.....why not give her the greatest sign of love by askin' her to marry yaaaaa? ur girlfriend 'll remember this love holiday for the rest of her life......

6. ~~~Indecent proposal~~~

Mark urrrr proposal with a room in a romantic hotel n create an atmosphere of lovin' sensuality (Candles, Champagne, a gift of sexy lingerie, a sensuous massage)n then pop the question!!!!!!!

7. ~~~special birthday greetings~~~

Proposin' on her birthday can make a special day even more special..........

8. ~~~Yaaaaaa 've got love mail~~~

Pop the question in email n sent with a love note --(love's the passion of the soul n the strength of the's all the matterssss with tender thoughts of yaa, pocha meye!!!!!!).........

kintu ---------------------------

People Discussion
(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)


(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)

Dr.shybal MD.(Love)

There are many people around here.But nobody is doctor except Dr shybal.He is our famous love specialist.He can solve any problem you have about love,fantasy on.He has got phd on love from oxford.He is researching on the affect of the cause of trying too many .....He is best known for his love therapy in b2k world.So if you get a problem about love and love life ,contact with him.
His number is (123)456 7890

(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)

Who's tradition you are talking about?Its not our(Bangladeshi)tradition.
Not all people like public disply at all.The problem with you people is that you have no idea what tradition is.We have a great culture with all its wonderful traditions.One should never forget where they come from and who they are.Look at the Indians,they live all over the world but they never forget their roots.I know you spend lot of time to come up with all these ideas,but these are just bad ideas.

cyber akash
(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)

attn: pardeshi
amar mone hoi bulletin board holo ekta swadhin jaiga,tai ekhane uchit hobe na karo swadhinotai hostokhkhep kora..........better nijer chorkai tell(oil)deya.

(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)

you've good imagination power.
keep going on,,,,,

(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)

what's ourrrr clture.......mind to tellin' meeeee, pardeshi bla bla!!!!!!so far I know, we don't 've our own culture but got somethin' heritadely n changin' day by day........

could ya define the differences between ourr so called culture n the religion?.......(amader culture village-a ekrakom n city-ta aunno rakom...whyyyy?) isn't it a self contradiction where ya 've nothin' to be proud......

neway, I ain't here to argue but viewin' my thoughts.......n ami jani amader culture/heritage kiiiiii

cactus of-morubhumi
(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)

Dr. shybal ta Nurs ta ki April naki ???
ta Didi ei Dr er visit koto dite hobe ?? and online a poramorsher babosta aache ki ????

(Thursday, January 17, 2002)

C Akash,Thats what I am doing expressing my thoughts,if you don't like it you can go to h..l,get it.
This is the problem with Bangladeshi people,most of them talk about democracy but they can't tolerate a second opinion about anything.I wonder why democracy never worked in Bangladesh?

cyber akash
(Friday, January 18, 2002)

pordeshi,,,,ichha chhilo tomake bangladeshi culture shikhai,but tumi to abar pordeshi,,,,,,,,,,,,tai tomar pichhe somoy nosto korar kono mane hoi naaaaaaaaaaaa

cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, January 19, 2002)

C A .

(Saturday, January 19, 2002)

Listen F head give me the time and place,I would get the lesson from you.You are massing with the wrong man.

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