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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, January 14, 2002
From: Rony Salman
To kumro about our law and its left hand!

Dear Kumro, it is true that people abide by laws not out of respect but of fear, thinking about the punishment to be handed down to them for breaking it! We look at a crime, feel insecure deep inside and want the law to severely deal with it, on the other hand, when we take the law in our hand while beating the hell out of a thief or taking some vendetta against someone, etc., we think of a thousand different ways to cheat the law and evade the penalty! You have put forth your ideas and thoughts about the laws in Bangladesh and USA while exchanging your views with others in a few of the recent postings, let me draw your attention to another point that I believe plays the vital role in enforcing our law in keeping the crime out of the society. I am talking about the corruption involved with the law and enforcement agencies/offices. In our country, it is now an established and open fact that we can buy them out with money and power and can bend the rules to our own self-interest! In the developed countries, people can’t get away with committing a crime; but look at us, government took a long time to list the names of a bunch of well-known criminals, killers and extortionist after they have done it for years together. Well, at least they have done it this time and hopefully will stick to it until they bring all of them to justice. The law and enforcement agencies always blame it on the political people to cover their inability in curbing the crimes, but I believe, they simply let themselves play in the hand of those rich and powerful people, keep their eyes closed and get rich and powerful in turn.

I still had a few more lines to add, but suddenly, I realized how I usually feel when I see a long posting. I have decided to come up with those untold lines in some other places, in a shorter form! I know, you are all glad that I quit!

People Discussion
(Tuesday, January 15, 2002)

Rony Salman, thanks for your thoughts. You can post a long message - people will read it as long as it is interesting and relevant to them! I completely agree with you – corruption has become rampant in Bangladesh. I don’t know when the conscience of the people will be awakened (i.e., if it does so in the first place!). What is worst is I have seen Bangladeshi people going abroad and trying to instil corruption there like the Bangladeshi way. It makes me feel ashamed of myself whenever I witness something like that. Is there an end to this!

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