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Saturday, August 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, January 12, 2002
From: april
how do you like .... and...

nah zia,nobody is such dare to beat me.If anybody tries,i am gonna beat him up before he do.

I read the news in b2k that cops beated one lady politician.That's just give me curiosity.When our country we give proper respect to women?In usa,if any girl cries (if you are guily or not guilty ),cops will arrest you.Here women have such importance.But what happened with our country.I know in many family,husband beat wife,especially in lower class family.They think themselves that it is a matter of "shomman" if you beat wife.every year may be more than 200 woman die only by beating husband.when will those so called man get a simple sence that beating,throwing acid ,raping don't make them just show and make them animal.

how did that police such courage to put hand on a lady politician.

There are many blister in our society which we need to eradicate them.Otherwise we never will be able to consider us as person>human being,it will keep as in animal category

People Discussion
(Saturday, January 12, 2002)

i wanted to put this message in that messages place.but for some reason ,couldn't do it.

(Sunday, January 13, 2002)

That's the spirit april!! it's the only solution. if anyone tries to beat a girl, hit him back, teach him a good lesson, remind him these soft hands tought them walking in their own feet.

(Sunday, January 13, 2002)

bd_KonkaBoti, I agree with you. Women need to learn to take care of themselves instead of believing that a chivalrous night will rescue her (or unlike those Hindi movies where the heroine is always vulnerable and waits for the hero to save her every time)!

cactus of-morubhumi
(Tuesday, January 15, 2002)

well that's tru April didi I agree with u woman in our countery have vary little respect from man . but think's is change a bit . and time will change more I hope .
konka aapu voy lagiye dilen amake . marbo to nah kichutei tobuo bolchi Biye korte gele aaro vabte hobe

cactus of-morubhumi
(Wednesday, January 16, 2002)

well I saw it in news paper the cope beat a lady politician and I fell no sad about that u know april it b coz that is a political beat. u just saw one picture I have another picture whice show the lady push the cope . she want the cope beat her then she can show how ruth is the BNP govt.
I don't mind if any one going for HARTAL AND BATTEN HER SELF. BD te meyera tader joggo respact pay nah setar jonno aami dukhhito. but keu hortal korte giye mar khay tate amar ektuo appoti nei se hok meye ba chele.

cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, January 19, 2002)

*Ruthless. hobe vuler jonno marjo koriben .

(Saturday, January 19, 2002)

cactus of-morubhumi, I agree with your logic. However, as xtctaz pointed it out, beating people (both men and women) for whatever reason violates the basic human rights and therefore, should be condemned.

(Wednesday, January 30, 2002)

Thanks april,Its true the barriers are broken, the taboos almost gone, the book on cold war is closed , we are slowly entering a new era of democratization, but the human rights violation are commmon feature in bangladesh.sexual torture,cruelty to women , kidnap, and beaten to death are common features, even every year thoundes of house wives are tortured due to dorry, many of them are even tortured to death,these disclosed incidents are fearful, unthinkable and painful.It is mentioned here that women folk of this country subjected to numerous torture, 80% victimes are women. why? mainly they are not empowered,even they have no idea how to protect, so we need to come forward to make the women empowered. RANA

(Wednesday, January 30, 2002)


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