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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, May 18, 2001
From: neelbedona
for you shybal from megh

Sometimes God who knows the best will give us sorrow as a test. Sometimes He will wound the heart for greater wisdom to impart. I believe in god but I swear at him too coz I m a crazy guy and moreover I have no where to go or say things. He is the man out there where I can shout kick and cry. Haha. Listen shybal don't make love down. this world is still giving us the warmth just coz of this 4 word love is still flying in our sky. Whenever it will be gone this legacy of universe will destroy. if there is no Greece, peace n love. There is no life. I know u, just coz of a frustration u r saying. Hold ur hands on ur heart and listen that rhythm of love. And one more thing you know If we lose love, we lose it for a reason. That reason may be hard to understand but whatever it is, we just have to believe that God takes away when He has something better to give. Why the fuck u pretend asshole. Lemme tell ya a small description of love. Love has two part It's an illusion which u have for ur mother, ur sis, ur father and ur brother. U can do anything for them right.. if any fucken dickheaded daft prick dare to kiss their feet then u will cut it off right. Which u will do for them and for ur GIRL who u love. Now let me come to the second part that is about the sex things (which u were always mentioning by hanging ur bee buzzing winky on ur crappy discussion.) this is love too but this is belonging from that love which I mentioned at early. This is the only fact which u CANNOT share with ur family members who u love like crazy. Which is only can happen to that lady u loved n wanna marry. This is the 2nd part, which is added with first part for ONLY ur lady.

U can buy a body for a fortnight sleep. But cant buy a mind. To get that u need love, u know that very well. And stop pretending with me u cunt nook. And u got to agree with megh coz the goddess of love lives in his soul So, he knows about love more than u can imagine. ;) chao..

People Discussion
(Friday, May 18, 2001)

say its true.. there is nothing like me and you.. i am not alone, tell me you feel it too. and i will run away with you. because i have fallen in love with you. and i m never gonna stop falling in love with you.. si---a. *hahaha*

(Saturday, May 19, 2001)

I am sorry. Jodio likhata shybal er uddesshe tobuo na bole parchi na je likhata atho perfect je eta pore shybaler love somporke dharona ta paltalew palta te pare. hey man neelbedona, you r really a genious.Sottikare cheka tumi kheacho mone hocche. Forget it man.

(Saturday, May 19, 2001)

shopto u dont know about my life.. what happened.. or whats going on.. so, dont make any nonsence comment about me without knowing..unnecessary. and for ur kind of information. to know what is the meaing of love.. u dont need get a cheka.. got it???

(Saturday, May 19, 2001)

I am sorry man.neelbedona. Please don't mind.

(Saturday, May 19, 2001)

well, the article i typed wasn't to made the gl/women down or let u guys to think that they r the cheapest creature of GOD. i just tried to mean abt ur so called 4 words n what it called "Love". on the other hand, i didn't point at nebody particular(neither boy nor gl)!!!!!!! it was just my one of another expression abt physical.ohhhhh!!!!! yeah,it is sex.
n u discussed everythin' what i should reply u back. thx for that, gadhaaaaaa!!!!!! but, i would remind u all again,,,,, u all were after me for nothin'.

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

I like it, megh... daarun likhechho...!!!

Anyway, to shybal... why do you think that all the people are running after you...!!?? Just give this complex away from yourself... dekhbe, shob kichhui shundor....!!! Tomar moto kintu aamio bolte paari, you're the man who's running after all.... aren't you..??!!

(Monday, May 21, 2001)

u r wron' in this case, buno. u guys just didn't get my opinion n don't wanna open it up,,now!!!!!!!!!

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