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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, January 07, 2002
From: kumropotash
Helping Bangladesh

Well bd_KonkaBoti, people can still help their country from a distance. Think of the Jewish people - when many of them settled in the US, they secured the top positions in the US society and the result is obvious! The US always supports Israel or is biased toward Israel in any Israel-Palestine conflict and I don’t need to explain how vital that is for Israel! The NRI's help India in many ways - creating websites to inform the Indians about opportunities abroad, sponsoring poor children in India, promoting India as a country conducive to foreign investment etc. India also has many problems but some of the NRI’s are still giving it a try! If we go back to Bangladesh - I don't think we will be able to do anything. Because one person or a few cannot change an entire system. But as individuals, we can try to do whatever we can for our country no matter where in the world we are. I know that Bangladeshis even when living abroad cannot abstain themselves from doing "Doladoli" - we don't need to be with them and support either AL or BNP. We can just be away from them and try to change at least one person's life in Bangladesh (e.g., you talked about the girl Purnima. I think it’s possible to sponsor her through a human rights/woman’s welfare organization in Bangladesh). That may be insignificant but at least that's a start. I really don’t know how we can make our country a better place but that should not prevent us from trying! If we talk about it, maybe someone will come up with an idea!

People Discussion
(Saturday, January 12, 2002)

Kumropotash,I can tell, you want to do something for Bangladesh,but your way is different.
One person or a group of people can change the system - Gandhi did.I know I am aiming really high but why not.Nothing is impossible in this world.
As I agree with you about what we can do from abroad,to make real change and to make it work we have to be there.Its not going to be easy but it will happen.All of us who care for our country could organize and do something for Bangladesh.

(Sunday, January 13, 2002)

Ideally it should be more effective to go back to Bangladesh than trying to help from abroad but I am very pessimistic and cynical about going back to Bangladesh! Can one person or a group really make a difference? Gandhi tried but we still have communal hatred in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh long after his tragic death! I just don’t see the point of sacrificing one’s life like that! You may call me selfish or timid but I think I am just being pragmatic! I know there are people in Bangladesh who can really make good use of a little help but I just don’t see a way to help them bypassing the rotten system!

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