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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, January 05, 2002
From: kumropotash
Re: Role of Opposition Party

I personally believe that there are some people in Bangladesh who would love to make Bangladesh like what the Taliban did to Afghanistan. Jamat along with its student body Shibir is the chief patron of such people. While both AL and BNP spoke against Jamat and religious extremists on many occasions in the past (and I am sure they will continue doing it in the future!), both of the parties collaborated with Jamat when they were in the opposition. In order to grab power, they did not hesitate to compromise their ideals! This clearly speaks of the unethical, unscrupulous and shallow nature of AL and BNP.

AL as the opposition is trying to do the same thing once again. The US used to be lenient about terrorism before September 11 (e.g., the US view toward the way Russia attempted to quell terrorism in Chechnya) but now it is determined to obliterate terrorism. If Bangladesh becomes blacklisted as one of the countries that support terrorists, it will be affected seriously. Suddenly World Bank, IMF and similar organizations will find Bangladesh not following their proposed reform plans and consequently there will be a cutback in aid! Suddenly EU and the US will become unwilling to extend GSP and quota facilities to the RMG manufacturers in Bangladesh! And when such things will start happening, AL can make statements about how BNP has failed to run the country and why BNP should be usurped (I believe BNP as the opposition would have done almost the identical thing)! Basically what AL is trying to do can be expressed through the saying – “Nijer Nak Kete Oporer Jatra Bhongo!” But that’s ok - as long as the political leaders can live a sheltered and secure life (sending their children for education abroad, buying property abroad, not experiencing the ache of being stuck on traffic jam for hours due to their VIP status etc.), they don’t give a damn about the prosperity of Bangladesh! The never-ending rivalry between AL and BNP reminds me of Frasier and his brother Niles – sometimes grown-ups can be less mature than babies (only in the TV comedy, both Frasier and Niles eventually realize their mistakes and take corrective measures)! And it’s amazing how we, the common people, let the political parties ruin our country like this! I know most people in Bangladesh are poor and uneducated which unfortunately makes them vulnerable and gullible but what about the educated and relatively privileged portion of the population! Why do we take side of either AL or BNP when it’s as clear as broad daylight that both parties are essentially the same – they just want to grab power and manipulate it for their own interest! They are least bothered about the welfare of the country! We should reject both of the parties unless they decide to become truly committed to improving the country’s situation.

Instead of what AL and BNP have pursued as opposition historically, AL as the opposition now should always cross-examine the activities of BNP in a rational and constructive way and make BNP disclose the handling of public funds as well as justify its public actions/decisions to ensure that the government is working in an efficient and transparent manner. Having said that, it will only happen in reality if the sun rises on the west!

People Discussion
(Sunday, January 06, 2002)

Bangladeshe revolution korar lok khujchen, Kumropotash?? thok bachte graam ujaar hoye jaabe.

Nice analysis anyway. Thanks.

(Sunday, January 06, 2002)

I agree with you bd_KonkaBoti. But I love my country and it hurts to let the political parties ruin it! If there are more people like Pardeshi who undertsand that AL and BNP are essentially the same - we might have some hope!

(Monday, January 07, 2002)

what's the use of having few Pordeshi's, KumroPotah? Pordesi ra deshe thake na, tara nijeder bhaggo gorte, nijera bhalo thakte chole jaay pordesh-e aar sekhan theke, reality theke durey theke boro boro kotha bole. Jemon bolchi aamra shobai, aami, aapni, Rony, Zia, Pordeshi. Shobai.

kintu taate kore Ovagi oi deshtaar ki upokaar hobe bolte paaren? ekta kotha mone porche. Bangladeshe ei nirbachoner porey "Purnima" khuub aalochito ekta naam chilo besh koyekdin. Purnimake niye, maya kanna kede je nekkar jonok obosthar srtishti kora hoyeche, tate Purnimaar jeebone kotota shosthi esheche, aar kotota durbishoho hoyeche taar jeebon, seta niye kono biraat reaserch koraar pryojon nei.

aamar ajkaal Bangladesh er kotha mone hole chokhe bhaashe sei kishoreer mukh, Purnima, Gono dhorshoner shikaar ek bibosh kishori jaake Potrikaar paatay patay tule ene shobaar drishti aakorshon kora hocche, shudhu matro ekta Political Party'r shubidha aaday koraar jonno.

(Sunday, January 13, 2002)

Kanka,You are wrong.Yes, we are not in the country right now but that doesn't mean we can't go back there and do something for it.Our country has so much trouble that even a little bit helps.You don't know what we are doing right now.I know people who has been helping people in Bangladesh for years.I am sure if all of us try we can make Bangladesh a better place.

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