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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, January 05, 2002
From: bd_KonkaBoti
Future of Bangladesh: Role of Opposition party

The opposition Awami League has told British Prime Minister Tony Blair that the present government is a 'fascist and communal' one with two of its cabinet members having 'links with Taliban.'

A four-member delegation of AL led by its acting president Abdus Samad Azad yesterday met Blair at his Sheraton Hotel suite in the city and also extended support to the anti-terrorism campaign by the British leader.

The delegation also told him that some 'fundamentalist-supported' demonstrations against the US-led anti-terrorism coalition took place in Bangladesh during the recent Afghan war. (Source: B2k news)

What is your opinion about Al's role?

People Discussion
(Sunday, January 06, 2002)

Al's leaders are acting like cry babies.They have no respect or love for the Country.All they want is the power.I am out of the Country for long time and not involve with any party.I do care about Bangladesh and follow whats going on over their closely.BNP is no better than Al either,they did the same thing when Clinton was visiting.I hope they(all politician's)realize that its the people who has the real power and they only get elected to serve the people, not them or their pals.

Rony Salman
(Sunday, January 06, 2002)

In Bangladeshi politics, maybe, nobody is better than nobody, but whoever or whatever the political people are, there should be no compromise in keeping one thing straight, no one can say or do anything that may in any way hamper Bangladesh’s image or interest in foreign countries!! I don’t speak for any political party, neither am I against the AL, but I will say, Abdus Samad did a bloody inexcusable blunder in quoting our member’s link with the Taliban, and I find it no less heinous than a subversive act as it has every possibility to damage our image in the developed countries and thereby cut us off their favors! And it is again the failure of those greedy, selfish, and corrupt political people that even after 30 years of our independence, we still can’t think doing a day without taking favors from the developed countries!!

cactus of-morubhumi
(Monday, January 07, 2002)

aami ektuo ashcharjoto hoyni AL er kotha shune tara sob somy mongora kotha bolte ostad. tader politic a vodrota bole kichu nei akebari nei. jodi kono montry Taliban der sathe hat theke thake AL tar proman dik. aami asha korbo keu er biruddhe cort ai uktir biruddhe cort a jabe abong AL sekhane proman korbe je tara sotti boleche notuba Jorimana Gunbe jemon Hasina gunechilo 4 BNP mp ke arrest korar jonn .

(Monday, January 07, 2002)

kintu Zia, tumi ki jaano, Bangladesh already listed as one of the countries, jekhane Al-Qayeda'r activities aache??

cactus of-morubhumi
(Tuesday, January 08, 2002)

seta Americar kaj . tara Malaysia keu sei list a feleche aapu . america teao Al- Quyedar activities aache tar mane ki tarau Al Quyedar sathe jorito. AL eta boleche Rajnityik hingsar karone. aami Bishas kori AL er kache kono proman nei . er proman chara emon befas kotha bola onuchit. usa tar ekta angul sob somoy muslim der dike diye rakhe. 11 septembar a jara jorito bole sondeh aache tader kauke malaysia te dekha giyechilo tar jonno cnn tader news a malaysia ke sondeh korche . Dr.Mahathir tar jobabe poriskar bolechen je tader sei tererist der kauke Germany teo dekha giyechilo tar mane ki germany o jorito USA ki tar jobab debe ?

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