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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, January 04, 2002
From: kumropotash
I am afraid it will go on for a long time!

Pardeshi I agree with everything you said. However I am pessimistic about the future of Bangladesh and I think corruption will become more and more rampant in Bangladesh in the future. There’s a saying in Bangla – “Je Jai Lankai, Shei Hoi Rabon.” ALL the political parties in Bangladesh have only one goal – to grab power and misuse it for own interest although they superficially differ in terms of ideology (and I guess also over who contributed the most toward the freedom of Bangladesh!)! More upsetting is the fact that the people of Bangladesh seem to have accepted corruption as a way of life! Bangladesh came out to be the most corrupted country in the world in the last Transparency International report and the commoner who tolerate and accept corruption are just as responsible for this as the corrupted political leaders. I remember a few years ago, a study conducted by the London School of Economics revealed that the people of Bangladesh were the happiest in the world! When the people in the most corrupted country turn out to be the happiest in the world – something is definitely amiss! Think for a second – can you live in Bangladesh without resorting to corruption? The answer will be no – corruption is present in every wake of our lives! And we don’t seem to have any problem with it – we are the happiest nation! Most upsetting is the fact that the young generation is least bothered about the present deplorable situation of the country and they prefer spending time only on relatively insubstantial matters! I don’t think we have a future!

People Discussion
(Friday, January 04, 2002)

okay, we don't have a future. then what?

(Friday, January 04, 2002)

We do have a future if the people in power do the right thing.Move some of the decicion making out of Dhaka to various part of the country and let public participate in the proces.

(Friday, January 04, 2002)

eto kothin kotha na likhle hoyna? shabdhane thaiken..abar na jeno apnar "kumro" "potash" kore fete jai..

(Friday, January 04, 2002)

That might work Pardeshi but who will bell the cat?

(Friday, January 04, 2002)

And the cat is not sleeping in the first place!

(Friday, January 04, 2002)

"Lets make 2002 a year of peace and goodwill, prosperity and growth, of healing and hope..May the hope you feel on New Years live forever in your heart and reminds us of our dream long after New Years day depart".. - That's part of your New Year's message SOULS - I don't think you really found my messages difficult to understand!

(Saturday, January 05, 2002)

hmmm amader ajonmer somossha...BIRALER GOLAY GHONTA BADHBE KE...HUH

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