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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, December 29, 2001
From: kumropotash
Re: Islam & Women

Pardeshi, I think your observation regarding the discrimination against woman in Islam is right. It is evident that women are not granted equal rights although very rarely you will hear a Muslim admitting that. We were taught to accept and yield to religion without questioning since birth hence no one finds it comfortable to talk about such inconsistencies. I personally believe that Islam was based on the society of the Prophet’s time and at that time it made more sense (e.g., the ratio of man to woman was very low at that time because of frequent warfare which probably resulted in the ritual of man having four wives at a time)! Nowadays, it will be really an insult to civilization to accept a man with four wives! The more of us realize these inconsistencies and can speak of them in public, the better it will be for mankind.

People Discussion
(Saturday, December 29, 2001)

Thanks for understanding.Most people thinks its bad to question or discus Islam.But its the other way around we were told by God to ask question and try to understand it completely.Most people thinks if they read Quran or listen to Quran its good for them, but without knowing the meanning its useless.Islam allowed men to take more than one wife at a time to help those woman in need,not for fun.But arabs doing it for fun,that is not permitted in Islam.Quran is the base of Islam but people make different meanning for things to use it in their own advantage.We should change laws ans make it illegal to have more than one wife at a time.Read Quran again and again and try to understand the whole meanning of it.We can use common scense to make changes which will make all of our lives better.

Snow :
(Sunday, December 30, 2001)

Your answer expressed a really true behaviour of human charecter, Pardeshi, that they always try to manipulate the meaning of laws that they pretend to admit but can't find satisfection in as to meet their virtual needs. We must stop such violation of the Qur'an and/or to ascribe it's incompetence to comply with the current world trends. Otherwise it will yield another fake Qur'an like the Bible that was born by manipulating the Injeel Shareef or like the Geeta that was born from such manipulation with the ancient Vedah.

(Sunday, December 30, 2001)

I am tired of these sort of "lip-service" to women. talking about this issues is one of the ways to show, how liberal you are! a man and liberal....huh!

come on guys! atleast keep this place clean! we don't want to see your mask here in this massage board.

(Sunday, December 30, 2001)

Kanka,I only said what I beleive.I am not doing it to please anyone.
Komropotash,thanks again for your thoughtful remarks.I will discuss this subject in future.
Happy 2002 to everyone everywhere.

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