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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2001
From: Gemini
Just tell me this!!!...

Well..boys and gals..i was just wondering that- Ya know we all chat on line...and have fun too while flirting and kickin each other...but we also meet some nice ppl while we are at it. But is it worth builing friendship or any other relationships with ppl we chat online beyond just "jhogra jhati, fajlami, maramari, tanki'', ittadi ittadi...
Just jante chaichi!

People Discussion
(Wednesday, December 12, 2001)

it is definitely worth but not beyond question.

(Wednesday, December 12, 2001)

I have got few wonderful friends from online chatting. it depends on how you perceive it, if you want to cheat people, then you get cheated, if you are true, you get true friends.

that's what i realised. thanks.

(Wednesday, December 12, 2001)

konkaboti apu, u are right...i got some very very close friends whom i met online, and now it doesnt even seem like we havent met in person, cuz we are very close now!...And i'm glad. Even though i cant exactly say they are my "real life" friends, I'm glad i met them!...But just wanna know what others think

(Wednesday, December 12, 2001)

Some of my "online friends" turn out to be great "real life friend" gemini! one thing I believe, if you get true friends online they will be some one who really understands you. because here soul meets soul, not eyes with eyes.

(Saturday, December 15, 2001)

hmmm ... two of my loved ones together ... it's great !!

(Thursday, December 20, 2001)

Sorry Heemel, i am Not one of ur loved ones! Dont ever call me those things u used to.

(Friday, December 21, 2001)

Great !!

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