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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, May 04, 2001
From: april
just nothing

just a smile and
rain is gone
could hardly believe it
There is an angel next to me reaching for my heart
I know that I will be ok
This time for real......
I lay my love on you
It's all I wanna do
everytime I breather ,I feel brand new.

People Discussion
(Friday, May 04, 2001)

come a little bit closer, baby
get it on,,,,,get it on
'caz the night,,,,its the night
when to become,,,,pocha meye!!!!!!!!

(Saturday, May 05, 2001)

If you ever leave me
Life will go on
Stars will still be bright like diamonds in the sky now,even if you say good bye now...
Oh!the clock wouldn't stop no..

Hey shybal the great shagol how are you??

(Saturday, May 05, 2001)

i thought that i could live without u

(Saturday, May 05, 2001)

i thought that i could live without u
really thought that, i could make it on my own
sent u away,,,,,,yeah!!!!!!!! i said i didn't need u
i let u go i let u goooooooo i let u go

***** vhalobasha(so called) padmo patar jol, april n i wish i could show u my tounge but,,,,,,,,,

(Monday, May 07, 2001)


(Monday, May 07, 2001)

fuck ya

(Tuesday, May 08, 2001)

hey stupid crystal,shut up,get a life.

(Wednesday, May 09, 2001)

show me the meanin' of bein' lonely
is this the feelin' I need to walk with?
tell me,,,,,,,,,,,why?
i can't be there where u are
there's somethin' missin' in my bloody heart!!!!!!!!!!!

oishi Bibekersfuron
(Tuesday, May 15, 2001)

Be productive! e sob premer sosta pechal sere.......creative chinta koro. aj kal romantic kotha bola noshto manusher lokkhon..........e kotha guli sonchito rakho boidho manushtir jonno......prem ke dhele sosta korona....vugbe pore....postate hobe tumay.......Allah tumay prokrito prem upolobdhir gyan dan korun.....Amin!

(Thursday, May 17, 2001)

did ever shybal call himself a so called nice guy?????????????
he loves to call himself a "nashto chela" n these r just few lyrics(u jack ass, oishi)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Thursday, May 17, 2001)

oi kire eikhane eishob ki hoitache.. oita aamar zong khawa pistol ta koi.
togo bulletin e keta jaiga diche.

(Thursday, May 17, 2001)

But I'm not the man your heart is missiiiiiiing..

That's why you go. awaaaay I knowww...

You were never satisfied.. no matter how I tried..

Now you wanna say goodbye to meeeee..

Love is one big illusion I should try to forget..

but there is something left in my head..

(Tuesday, June 25, 2002)


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