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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, November 30, 2001
From: shybal
~~~~ to those so called pretendin' lovers ~~~~

can I be serious for a momentttttt.......? ya guys said so many craps bout so called love('caz ya all 've hidden one thin' n don't 've that much courage to express urself). On my point of view........

"Love iss nothin' without first, previous, original sextual desire".......n eta ekta sartho!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, "If yaa 've no sextual desireee....never love 'll grow in urr shitty mind but pretend urself"

I know, some of them out there who they wouldn't hesitate to comments which gives the impression that they rrrr energatic like rhinoceros, intelligent n rebellious like an angry bull......ferecious like a rabid dog n may be senseless/heartless like a cold snake(kintu ashol shotto bolba na)!!!!!!!!!!

however, when 2 minds 'll be together love 'll grow up. its the previous theory n there's a proverb love at first sight..........

to make myself more durable.....addin' a speech of Forrel(psychologist), "Sex is the foundation for so called love"!!!!!!!!!

[vhalobasha(so called) hoccha, "mathar vitora majogher(brain) ekti bisesh kampon"]

kintu ---------------------------

People Discussion
(Friday, November 30, 2001)

ki bepar pagla.....
dekhi ajkal bhalo kotha bolse.....hmmmmm....

Snow :
(Friday, November 30, 2001)

Shybal, may I dare to ask you something whithout getting you mad at me ?

Do you think love borns only between two persons (a male and a female) ??

Snow :
(Friday, November 30, 2001)

You said, sex is the foundation of so called love. What if I say 'FAITH' is the foundation of 'LOVE'. And sex is foundation of nothing. Sex is only a radish hanged before the dunkey by the GOD to provide a natural way for a new soul to turn into a creature. Otherwise HE would have to send us to the world in a miracle way.

cyber akash
(Friday, November 30, 2001)

valoobasha mane...thanda coffe er peyalar samne mukhumukhi bose thaka.tarpor......

cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, December 01, 2001)

well writen Snow saheb . Faith is foundation of LOVE ya I agree with you . sex is a kind of need of humen body we shaer it with our wife. ( well lets be honest ok ekhane ki sobai buke hat die bolte parbe tara Bier aage sex koreni . if love means sex then may be some of us fall in love many time I don't know the amount of any one . but it's true . aami april ke sahosi bolbo karon thik emon ekti sooti kotha se sobar sathe shear korechilo sotti kotha bolar sot sahos sobar thake nah . thank's snow for nice Opinion.

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