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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, November 15, 2001
From: shybal
~~~ let me get the defination ~~~

What's love ne waysssss?.........I always thought that its a fuckin annoy thin' to loose mind, self, graph-paper n bla bla but my friends proved me wron'!!!!!!

Is it like, "takes a moment to 've crushed on someone, an hour to like n a day to love someonee"?.....on the other hand, "is ittt takes a life(someone told mee so) to forget?"......

I never asked(even didn't 've intention) my friends what they got from this so called lovee. well, just hope to see them happily ever after.....

Lets see some craps of romance. Don't get me wron'(----- ----) pls.....'caz I ain't make it up but few friends in here expressed themselves!!!!!!!!

* 1st I was afraid I was petrified to keep thinkin'. can't live without ya by my side..I 've got all of my love to give n 'll survive.....issssss it call fantasyyyyy? someone answer me,pls

** I was born when ya kissed meeeeeee!!!!!!! I died when ya left.....n lived a few weeks while ya loved me!!!!!......ya guys think its love or self-satisfaction? how a gl/boy could kill themselves for so called love?why don't they think its their fuckin' life n not for someone. ya gottttt to survive urself not for some strangers(ya might know him/her, indeed)

lets get the another shitty dialouge what pissed me off. though, its kinda meaningfull.......

*** Yaaaaaa promised to take care of me but ya hurt me. yaa promissed to brin' joy but yaa brought me tears. ya promised me ur love but ya gave me pain........I promised ya nothin' but gave ya everythin'!!!!!!!!!!!

So, whats the defination of love? is it like to keep alive for himself/ promise someone to be him/her, just dream bout to make urself happy or let someone feel the same way orrrr snickin' on someone back orrrrrr -------(I just can't think ne more).........

I wouldn't dare or hesitate to say it my way, like.......things haven't goin' exactly between those so called loves(who they could han' their fuckin' life n stand on nowhere) n the reaso's not as important as what ya guys could do to make things better. nnnnnn sometimes "obstacle" is bigger than everyrhin'(I know
there rrrrrr some dead men standin' out there to express themselves n sometimes their comments give the impression that they rrrr energatic like rhinoceros, intelligent n rebellious like an angry bull......ferecious like a rabid dog n may be senseless/heartless like a cold snake!!!!!!!!!!)

kintu -----------------

People Discussion
(Friday, November 16, 2001)

love is the beat of the drum in ur hearttttt..

Baka Kotha
(Saturday, November 17, 2001)


Baka Kotha
(Saturday, November 17, 2001)


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