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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2001
From: damage_case_00
Bangladesh's stance on Palestine


Going for a third topic here...Can anyone tell me what Bangladesh's stance on the current situation in Palestine? Should we strenghthen our stance, whatever that is ? Mind our own business? Is expressing a view solidly harmfull to our international relations? If it is , is that relation worth sacrificing for expressing our moral stance on the oppression of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians ? Should our leaders express our views on issues relating to muslims in other parts of the world ? I recall once , during Jummah in the sector-7 mosque in Uttara , one man stood up after the prayers , and spoke about how he felt , in regards to the 1998 bombing of Iraq by the US , that while India and China strongly opposed that action , Bangladesh's Prime Minister remained silent. he was angry that we didnt take a stance-I was too. Anyone else have a view on this ?

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 21, 2001)

We are not a super power like China or India - so why waste our resources (like many did when they wanted to demand the acquittal of the fictitious character "Baker bhai" when he was sentenced to death when we have real-world "Baker bhai"s go unnoticed day after day. A little ironic isn't it? "Protibaad" in a country like Bangladesh? Either you need a deadly all-consuming revolution, or be prepared to keep your mouth shut abou t everything that's going on around you.

(Monday, December 31, 2001)

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