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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2001
From: Sharolota
miss you shybal

Don't know where to start shybal I got to many things to tell you Will you be serious for a moment to response me shybal Did I push you too much to have you mine & you stepped away Seems everyone know about your Pocha meye except me Mind to telling me the sweetest lucky girl name shybal please please Don't you ever feel for this poor girl she who will wait on that uncustomary road for you shybal with few daisy roses

I got too many things to tell you shybal why why why did not you turn on me what kind of man are you shybal I wanted to have you all the way & you never asked to see my picture even Does your pocha meye more beautiful than your imagination Answer this few questions please I know you shybal more than everyone in here You got too much pride what might destroy yourself And I could not stand shybal Still I miss you

I would be more than happy to get those answer And thankz you a lot to remember me remember my name shybal Bye shybal Miss you badly shybal

People Discussion
(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

did yaa ever give me a chance to feel for or forget yaaaaaa? the answer's noooooo!!!!!!!!(how could I forget yaaa)'caz I got tons of mails n it reminds me ur namee, Shamimaaaaa

ya asked so many things to answer, shamimaa. unfortunatelly, 'm not goin' to answer ya but admittin' the lines(I know you shybal more than everyone in here You got too much pride what might destroy yourself). ammu used to tell me the same things that Nirob, ya 'll destroy urself('caz offf ur so much pride n self confidences)!!!!!!!! but what can I do, shamima?.........."Eisaa eeeee hou mainnnnnn"

(mind to keepin' a request of mine..... mail meee but don't make urself down in public, pls. some of them rrr havin' fun to see your postin' for a Nashto-Chela, like shybal...... Chaooo)

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

Shybal ,what's wrong with you?Why don't you give her another chance.It seems to me that she loves you much.You should give her another chance.It is her right to get it.

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

ahareeee!!tomar laiga amar poranda kande .ki r korba bolo..Shybal mia tomar dake shara dayna..tate hoyeche ki..amader moto koto Loverboy ra b2k te ache...
Sharolota...tumi eto Pocha-meye'r pichone lagcho ken? Shybal mia'r pride nia tomar eto mathabetha koron lagbona...haida oi Mia bhai valo bujhe..ohon tomare ekta poramorsho dai.onno Loverboy dhoro . amar dhare asho..dekhba amare miss korbana .
aijka jaiga.kotha hoibone..Suchona/Sharolota/Seth-pathor orofe KALA-PATHOR

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

it's funny :).I didn't know our tuhin bro is that funny.You are damn stupid tuhin bhiajan urofe souls miah :).that's real funny.

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

shybal even doesnt know about that perticular pocha meye.. he has loads of pocha meye.. including number 1 luiccha meye called Lima.. thukku Rima..

ekhon beche naoooooooo..

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

Do not make me mad whoever you are the LOVERBOY-OF-B2K You are such a low life annoyed chatter You compare yourself with shybal Get another life to be shybal I think I had seen you in the chat room & tried to talk to me while I was as seth-pathor

Did you see yourself how disgusting you are to make yourself funny without any reason Please do not annoy me whoever you are

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)


(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

eiiiiiii k uttaaaa(nabim), tuiii thakish kothay raaaaaaaaaaa? maja maja chat-a pawa jayyy kintu disconnect hoa jashhhhhhh!!!!!!naki biyer arrangement nia busy achishhhhhhhhhhh?#ton

neway, kuno comment korish naaaaa, plsssssss(noitoooo "dulavhai" daka shuru karbooooo)

(Thursday, November 15, 2001)

aamare aar deikha ki luv.. jare dekhar orei deho..
tin chokh bondho koira dekhte thak ar ki..

cactus of-morubhumi
(Friday, November 16, 2001)

Souls wide Bole baundary martegiye cote out hole mia .
er koto Lover boy sajba mia ebar khanto hou .

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