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Sunday, September 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2001
From: ferari_
few truths about the truth .. !!!

Truth is Truth and is not bound to any religion nor belief system.It stands upon its own Foundation and needs no other.No one has the rights to exclusive access, but it is available to all who look for it.
It can be pleasurable and blissful.It can be painful and harsh.It can be pleasant to the taste but bitter to the belly.It can be bitter to the taste and soothing to the belly.It can disrobe itself as a Revelation.It can cloak itself in the Vestments of Mystery.In all situations, it does not cease to be what it is.While Truth is in all people, all people are not in Truth, not all
people have embraced its Reality.

Blow away the black cloth of confusion with the strong wind of confidence in the deepest core of your heart. Make evrey little word, every little thing(may be raise the eye-brow of good ones) as clean as a crystal to the "Great one "-- your own conciousness. This importunity will grow the green in the gray desert of your heart and potrait the image of truth in your soul.


People Discussion
(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

bishoyta ki ferari???

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

dukhhito hobar moto ki kichu hoyeche ?

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

dukhhito hobar moto ki kichu hoyeche ?

(Wednesday, November 14, 2001)

bujhte paarchi na. aainata kemon jhapsha lagche, refectionta thik moto bujha jacche na!!

(Thursday, November 15, 2001)

chokh eer obosthaan ke nirdishti onchol eer maajhe niye aashle aasha kori sposhto hoye jaabe

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