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Saturday, September 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2001
From: kuashaa
Pay attention please

shamnei to International Mother Language Day. do we have any plan to introduce our mother tongue to the foreigners? it's a great scope to introduce Bangladesh as a spirited nation as well. we shouldn't miss it.
just do the minimum you can. tell your landlord about Februray 21. tell your friends, tell your classmates, tell the grocery shop owner at your locality, tell the technician of the garage you go, tell the homeless when you help them, tell street vendor who sells hot dogs, tell the bank teller who serves you, mail your friends, tell your boss, your peers, your subordinates. tell your laudromat attendant, coffee shop counter helper, tell the telemarketing rep., tell Mr. John, tell Mrs. Lilian, tell Ms. Susan. do minimum, bu do something.
just remember, do not introduce the word 'Bengali'. rather introduce 'Bangla'. try to emancipate yourself from mental slavery. British raaj introduced the word Bengali because they couldn't pronounce it properly, or may be they didn't want to. this is our responsibility to refine these imposed history. nobody says franch(French) or Frianch! nobody says Ainglish(English) or Inglaish!! nobody says haindi(Hindi) or hundai!! nobody says Spaniash(Spanish) or Spinash!! nobody says Urabic(Arabic) or irubaik!! then why Bengali...when it is BANGLA??!!
friends, don't get mad at me. I will do my level best too. see you on February 21st.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, November 13, 2001)

tell everyone, but don't tell your gf/bf or your husband/wife!!

Sorry Kuashaa, but that's the impression I have got from your posting!

(Tuesday, November 13, 2001)

that's obvious. he/she knows you first.

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