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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, October 14, 2001
From: heemel
Re: Just for Konka

Konka ... I'm sorry to be late ... I was out of the town on the weekend. My heartfelt thanks for all you have done.

Yes Konka ... I have a pride inside but I never felt it this way before. As I grew up as a child I have seen peoples passion, their proud and bold remembrance of those glory days time and again around my family. I have grown up watching people crying out of their emotion, out of their sorrows and happiness for what they had lost and achieved. My pride came to me along with their teardrops ... I din't have to know it separately.

I'll remember everybody hasn't grown up my way.

The way you have felt my feelings ... the way you have touched my heart ... life has rarely been this way for me. If I ever meet you Dear I won't dare to touch you. I just want to look into your eyes ... I just want to see what is there to make this world so different from ours. I know you can read my mind with the ease with a child's smile. And I know I have nothing to fear ... a friend will always be there to comfort me ... and she has known my heart.

People Discussion
(Monday, October 15, 2001)

"when a men's hand touches the hand of a woman they both touch the heart of eternity" - Gibran

heemel, your writting made me speechless. I am touched. Deeply touched by your feelings. and I am honoured that you count me friend. after reading your posting now I know what is eternity, and I know what happens when a very special soul touches my soul with his pride and tenderness. Thanks for counting me as one of your friends, heemel.

(Tuesday, October 16, 2001)

chirontonaataar aai ononnno muhurto tike sritir frame chobi hishebe
raakhte pere nijeke bhaggobaan mone korchi..
jibon dekha manusher aak boktobbo jenechilaam aamon je chokh naaki
moneer doroja ..
nishchit hoyechilaam kothatar ostitto shomporke taar kaache
giye jaar mon aami aage jenechi aar chokh dekhechi pore ...
aakdin kothai kothai aamake bolechilo orr dekha aak drishher kotha
...shey drishho taar shaathe theke naa dekhar je mormobedona
aamar maajhe hoyechilo .. taar nimishey hawyai miliye gelo
shponeer aabir maakha or du chokhe taakiye ...
aamon jodi hoto heemel tomaar shathe theke
shoto oshundor ghire rakha jibon theke shoundrojo tule aana chokh.. dekhaar shujog peetam ...
Nimontron pele bag guchiye tomaar shohojatri hobaar ichhe poshon korchi..
paabo tho .. ?????

jaante icche korche tumi jokhon bolo tokhon tomaar chokh duto
ki shopnil rongdhonu aake ... Konkaboti ??

(Tuesday, October 16, 2001)

ferari, ekusher shesh line-e dariye ekjon Jubok jokhon taar Narir chokhe shopner rongdhonu eke dey, sei chokhe' er shaddho ki aar kono oshundor-ke dekhe? Shopner rongdhun taar prithibi theke kokhono haray na je.

oneekdin pore ele, pakhir nirer moto chokh nei, tobu bolte icche korche, etodin kothay chile?? Jader onupostiti piraa dey mone, tumi je taader ekjon se kotha ki jaano?? aar jaano bole-i ki emon niruddesh howa majhe maajhe????

(Tuesday, October 16, 2001)

I don't know what to say ... you have barely left anything for me.

My friend ... what you have told me today ... not many woman can utter those words. And still a fewer know what they mean. I wonder how many guys are lucky enough to hear them in the life time.

You have felt the flame of eternity in you ... only because the beauty of your heart can reach that. You make me so proud ... as a friend you have felt me by your side in front of that flame. I wish I were really worth that.

I will remember your words my own way. For me they are among the nicest gifts this life has got to offer.

(Tuesday, October 16, 2001)

jotokkhon pashe thako,
aami nodi, noukar paal, jhoro hawaa....
tumi chole gele
aami pahaar, taaow na..
jeno iit ba kaath..
kaather table, boi er rack...

eto boba thaki,
loke bhabe, more geche bujhi oneek din...

ektu aage je bolle na, bonddhutto??
sonali shutaar lomba less?
aashole tokhon setake-i buni..
jaate loke dekhte paay
je jaar buker shongopon uponibesh!!

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