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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, November 09, 2001
From: heemel
Just For Konka

Konka ... how are you?

Two days ago we were talking like old friends. I felt so happy about that.

You have always been so nice to me and yet I have reacted. No matter who is right or wrong ... I'm not feeling good.

As your words can bring joy to me ... so they can hurt. It really matters to me if it is from you.

People Discussion
Lemon Dew
(Friday, November 09, 2001)

will someone plz change the date to october 2001,,,b2k is a month ahead

(Friday, October 12, 2001)

aamr familyte shobai chilo " burjoa", ekta Mama mukti juddhe giye aar fire aashen ni. ekjon mukti juddhake aamr shara jeebon-i mone hoy khuub onnorokom ekjon manush.. chotto bela theke ekjon mukti joddha-ke dekhle, aamar khuub icche kore taake chuye dekhte.

heemel, tomaar moddhye royeche ekjon muktijuddhar rokto, ekjon mukti juddhar ongsho, buk jure choriye aache gorbo, ostitte ohonkaar khub onnorokom ekbabar putro hobaar. tomaar shathey jodi konodin dekha hoy, heemel..tomaar haat ta ektu dhorte dio aamake. shudhu ektu chuye dekhbo, desher jonno jara praan dite paare, taader rokter spondon kemon hoy.

(Saturday, October 13, 2001)

achcha, 1st page a ki shudhu VIP ra likhte pare ? lekha gulo 2nd page a chole jache keno ? date correction korar por lekhar order gulo thik korbe ke? b2k admin(or who ever is reponible for it) kore ta ki shara din?

(Saturday, October 13, 2001)

heemel, I never intended to hurt you. That was an argument we got involved in, and uncosciously and unintentionally I hurt your feelings, I appologise for that.

Two days ago we were talking like old friends, what happened today? did you unlisted me from your friends list heemel?

I appologise once again for hurting yoru feeleings. I understand how deep it is for you. Your reaction was well argumented, I appreciate that.

(Saturday, October 13, 2001)

Amra je nuton leksi,,amader lekha ghulo to shob back page ei jachche!!Will someone responsible(b2k admins) plz up date the new ones onto the front page pleaseeeeeee,,,,,
Thank you

(Monday, October 15, 2001)

(Monday, October 15, 2001)

konka api.. onek din dekina tomake.. to tumi kemon acchoo ????

(Monday, October 15, 2001)

Konka ... I'm sorry to be late ... I was out of the town on the weekend.

My heartfelt thanks for all you are doing. You never have to apologize to me for anything you do.

I had something to tell you ... but my postings are not being taken on the board. Actually last night I posted one ... today I found nothing is there.

(Monday, October 15, 2001)

ooops ... the posting is there ... I din't check the date!!

Rony Salman
(Thursday, October 18, 2001)

Would B2k admin please do something about the date and the sorting of the mails, we are living in the future!! Sorry heemel for using this space to draw B2ks attention, this mail seems to be at the top!

(Thursday, October 18, 2001)

Rony, somehow B2k BB's database was messed up and have thrown us to future! seems we have to look for new messages in page 2nd till we come to November the 9th.

Rony Salman
(Monday, October 22, 2001)

Konka, Thanks a lot for the information.

(Tuesday, October 30, 2001)

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