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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, November 08, 2001
From: ~*megh*~
to hemmel for his posting to konka

well, this is for konka. may be. but I need to say something bout this crap.. What to do huh, big asses wherever found a hole, just cant help to get into it u know.. I strongly support ur feelings bout the liberation war. No ones denying shekh mujib's work for ur liberation. He did a hell of a job during the war. No matter how he and US BENGALIS did it together. People respected him for his job at least for during the war time. but plssssss, don't make him god of our country. On this date there is nothing absolute nothing to hold it back. Coz, future is out there. Whatever our previous generation did we have respected that. Like, bunch of poets, prophets, scientists etc etc etc. people don't hold it back by pausing their life. Show must go on, JUST COZ OF U PEOPLE, we r fed up of this name mujib. And for ur kind information boy toy, this guy isn't a big shit who u can be prayed like god. He did plenty of mistakes and unforgiven sins after the war. Look at Indina, u know who is Gandhi?? Sure u do. People added Mohatta on his name. do u know why?? U better read that person's biography. A person like him not only India, the whole world always dreaming to get a saint like him in a country. Having a man like this though India didn't make him the god of India. Then how the hell u such deaf shits dare to make mujib the god of our nation.

Lets come in deep of this rabbit hole ok. After finish this bloody war, his entire family thought they r the ruler of this nation and they can do whatever they want. So, mujib's sons n relatives did a hell of job with this nation n humans. His son took major dalim's wife just he liked her boobs???. How the hell that mother fucker dare to do this kind of thing?? AND YOUR SO CALLED SHEKH MUJIB didn't do anything for this. WHY?? Coz, he ws surrounded by his family's pressure and love. Moreover he thought, he thought he is the man who called people for an independent country, so he can do whatever he wants. Just what his way follower did in this very long time during their time. AL's ministers, their sons, even such little creepy stuffs dare to think this is my saga. I can do whatever I want. Like dipu chowdhury killed a businessman without having any fear, and one of creepy low stuff of AL, slept with 100 females in the jahangirnagar university. And laughed out loud in a very proud way in the papers that I made it, wow. What did AL do for that?? Nothing but appreciating his healthy ass. There r a lot of things which I can say about that but u wont have that much strength to hear. Just take these 2 of those bunch examples. Now let me tell u something about ur this speech, "kintu Shadheenotar daak je diye giechhe taake tumi kibhabe oshhikaar korbe? Karon 25 bochhor age ei maatir manush taar montre jeebon diye giyechhe ... amader jonno rekhe giechhe ek mohamullo bojha ... Shadheenota. Shei jeebon gulo aar kokhono ferot ashbe na ... Muktijuddher paata theke Mujib ki kokhono muchhe jabe?

First of all, on ones denying for whatever he did during the war time. secondly u r talking about shadhenota huh?? Tell me, what did he n his league give u?? just a name to call shadhenota, nothing else. Look at urself bozo, u r in abroad, for higher study, to get a job or stuff like to get which sounds groovy. Seat back with grabbing ur wifes butt, and talking online, we have independence?? U have no right to talk about independence.

So, will u shut the hell up. I gotta suggestion for ya, make ur mujibs statue and suck it all over while sleeping, drinking, eating or shitting.

People Discussion
(Thursday, November 08, 2001)

So people joined in independence war for getting something?I think most of the families were involved in independnce war.So was it possible to give something to all those people for a devasting country.Did Pakistan leave the country as a good country.Wasn't it damaaged.It is a hard job to recover a war damaged country.So you better praise AL (though there was a big draought)for doing that work.You might say about those Bashanti.Well,still you will find many people who are starving though our country is not a devasating country.So that time it was normal.

Past gives us direction to go in future.If we don't look back,we never would be able to go forward.So what's th e problem excepting some real truth.I didn't say AL is a good party.I said it is bad party.But there are some true things with them,which you people always try to deny.This denying making all the complexes.You have to look both side of a leaf.By looking one side you won't be able to describe whole about a leaf.

By the way,we can express our opinion,use our argument.But that should stay in decent language.Why do you use bad words.Do you think that makes your opinion stronger.Not really dear.So please use decent language.

cactus of-morubhumi
(Thursday, November 08, 2001)

well as aleader Mujib is great as a presidend not at all. he make lot of mistake . he is fighting for democresy But do you think when he come to the power did he give democresy to thers??
there have only two party in BD AL and jasod but why he need a Bakshal??

cactus of-morubhumi
(Thursday, November 08, 2001)

lot of miss spelling zia bari gei ghumao tumi rat jege football dekhte dhekte tumi Pele hote parbe kintu Robi thakur noy

(Thursday, November 08, 2001)

well, firstly i never said anything which wsnt strong enough to ask for.. and just dont support him just coz he is ur goody goody friend.. 2ndly, who the hell is denying about whatever WHATEVER he did during the war time.. did i ever deny that???or did pass out his stuffs in a way huh.. then, how the hell u dare to ask me that.. and exactly You have to look both side of a leaf.By looking one side you won't be able to describe whole about a leaf.. and this is the thing which i have just said in the next argument.. try to give that him ok what u got.. thats the point which i ws talking bout..

and finally, decency is the forbidden word for me by god.. .. ciao..

(Thursday, November 08, 2001)

hi bhaiya.....what happened to ur eyes???? .. i am really worried caz now its seems like ther e is something wrong with ur one eye ?

cactus of-morubhumi
(Friday, November 09, 2001)

khushbu ekta chok bishes -ogoer sathe jogajog koro joldi

(Monday, October 15, 2001)


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