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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, November 07, 2001
From: april
some argument of mine

I have seen a lot of discussions about recent politics and the partial blaming to AL.I am talking in favor of AL doesn’t that I am a AL supporter (though little bit influenced by my family). I saw people are blaming AL. They are saying that they made worse it was ever before which really made me surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stand fair with another who won in this election.

AL lost the power, won only seats while BNP and its 4 party alliances go 200 or more. But one thing we should mention that it is 4 party alliances. They already took oath at the parliament. They are going to form their cabinet soon. Now the question is they would be able to stay in power as long as they are united with their allies. If they have any dispute or anything, it would break up. Somebody said that people are tried of AL.But reviewing

People are very happy for losing of AL. But I saw where BNP nominated their person; other four parties didn’t nominate anybody. They all did campaign for BNP. So all the supporters of those parties gave vote to BNP.AL got their own supporter vote. So in this way, it is clear that AL is not that unpopular. They still have large majority of supporter, their own supporter whereas BNP doesn’t have flexible supporter.

I saw people are saying, a new hopeful era is coming which I doubt. Yeah I could say that it would come. Are those BNP leaders changed? Don’t still they have Salahudding Kader Chowdhury, amanullah aman, sadek hossain khoka etc (forgot all the names).Are they good leaders? We can expect good from good leader not from bad leaders. Since BNP has those kind of leader who have lot of power inside the party. How could we expect a good era? AL has misused power. I believe they have lost their power because they couldn’t get rid of joinal hajary, kader siddiky, shamim osman etc. Here somebody asked me to ask my parents how much they stole during Al regime. For your information, my family politics is not new. They were in AL before independence war and still they are. They actively joined in liberation war which we are proud for.AL were not power almost 21 years. So what did they steal? Couldn’t they live before AL coming to power?

Did BNP just have the sense to make the country? Why did they leave parliament when AL was in power. If they are true party who believes in democracy they could stay and wait for their 5 years term. I don’t want to say anything about AL because they are already a stupid party according to everybody’s saying. They are the party who bring Golam Azam and his parties in politics .I don’t know about that issu (konka said that who support Al considered as Muktajuha and who didn’t considered as Razakar). Well we didn’t know anything about independence war last 21 years. We knew about George Harrison after 96.They put independece way on the back barner. They wanted to hide it. Only for BNP we got PM and President who were against Independence war.

AL has many problems. Their leaders were unable to get rid of that blister. So the way you are saying that BNP got lesson from AL mistakes, I can say the same way that AL has got lesson too which will help them to control their party members. I hope Sheikh Hasina will consider peoples mind. And people don’t undermine AL. They still have large majority of support. In your eyes, they might look bad. But not in everybody’s eye.

People Discussion
(Thursday, November 08, 2001)

I sincerely appreciate your comprehensive writing. It's true that AL has a very good base of political workers as well as a good support in people. But this defeat is not just for the Allied opponent. This is only what they deserved. The ally just made the gap larger. This is not the first time People has rejected AL. Just look at the election of '91. There was no Allied opponent ... and the result was equally unexpected to the AL supporters.

Sheikh Hasina has passed her entire life in negative politics ( as well as the other leaders in BD ). I doubt she can learn from others mistake and correct herself.

cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, October 27, 2001)

In a word a change is batter for poor country like us .if AL win that election then they think what they Did that is a good job . this loose may be teach them more .

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