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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
Ref: "Minorities and AL supporters have been attacked..." -Raqta

This is half of the truth, Raqta, and you are trying to feed people half-truth just like a true AL supporter. You seems also forgotten, just like AL Leaders, people don't live on green grass!

I agree in some cases minority and AL supporters are attacked. But the question is why have they been attacked?

those who were being attacked, that was because the deserve that. because they have been torturing people for last 5 years, and now people have got a chance to teach them a lesson. and people are taking a revenge. Thais is only a fair game. Truth is it's not BNP, who are attacking Al supporters. It's the general people who are trying an eye for an eye, which is tought by Our respectable Prime Minister Shaikah Hasina (May hell be upon her!). Well, she decleared 1:10 though!

Let me share you few personal experiences here, before election 3 of my colleagues, who are not supporter of any party, highly educated decent citizens of the country promised in front of me, if AL lose in the election they are going to beat up some people! These people who are AL supporters have given my colleagues real hard time during their 5 years time. So now they were looking forward to a chance they can take revenge,when these Al people will not be gurded by Prime Minister, or Police. This is the fact about the attacks on AL.

the AL Candidate has won in my area, even then people set fire on his house, and trust me, I can sware that it was well deserved, in fact he should have been hangd at a " chaourasta" so that other people get some lessons from that.

One request Raqta, if you are a AL Supporter, I know it's hard to accept the "Devastating" defeat, but my suggestion to you is, please keep your ideas locked for few days. We are too tired and sick of this silly party and their half-truth. We need some time to heal up and forget the " death and destruction" AL has given us in last never ending 5 years. we want some peace, we want our mother country be safe and peaceful, we don't want to see her being raped again BY AL's father of the nation ideology!

People Discussion
(Tuesday, November 06, 2001)

just forget about it konka .....politics is someting else...we general pub never gets whats going on in the underground....

(Tuesday, November 06, 2001)

My whole family is involved with AL politics.I have never seem them to do anything bad or misuse the power.

(Tuesday, November 06, 2001)

Rupkathar KonkaBoti dekhi Bangladesher Rajniti niye valoi methe utheche!!!! Carry on friend...carry on..

(Tuesday, November 06, 2001)

uuuuu.. ur whole family believes in AL.. ask ur father how much he got during the AL time..

(Tuesday, November 06, 2001)

april, if your whole family is involved with AL politics and you never seen any one doing anything bad or mis-using power, then I must say, You haven't seen enough.

Unfortunately my family and many of my good friends are also involved with AL politices, and they are part of the decesion making process of the AL. therefore, sometimes I happen to be a part of their discussions. My posting was mainly based on my personal experience from a non political point of view.

However, thanks for your response.

(Wednesday, November 07, 2001)

konkaboti politics nye likhe, tate to tomar kono gaa jala dekhina. Amar politics nie lekhate eto kharap galagal diechhile keno, (jeta BB Admin muchhe diechhe)?

(Wednesday, November 07, 2001)

ore dile aamarei gali deya hoi.. i aint a jackass and havent got my mind out like a moron.. who will curse on himself..


(Friday, November 09, 2001)

Half truth and trying to feed people half truths... I have realized that you have the wish to be offensive and rude... shrug! simply shameful! I guess its your nature.

And I assume your brain says that if I do not lick BNP boots, I am an AL supporter. sheesh!

Someone deserved to be attacked -- terrible.

And I ask you to read the news a bit more.
Continued attack on AL workers, minority people in three dists

Attacks on Awami League (AL) leaders and workers and the minority community continued in Jessore Pabna and ... Read the text at

(Friday, November 09, 2001)

You act as if AL has a monopoly on corruption and criminal activities... sheesh!


cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, October 27, 2001)

wow april whole family involved in pilitic .hum political family...
who know amra hoyto dekhbo April ekdin parlament nirbachon er prarthy . tokhon sobai slogan debo april tumi agiye cholo keu nei tomar piche
practis ta ekhon thekei shuru kori ki bollen megh bhai?

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