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Friday, August 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, November 04, 2001
From: kuashaa
hopeful, hopeful & hopeful

Hello everybody!
How you all are doing?
What a hectic and tensed time we passed! We are lucky to experience the wonder of Silent votes. Mao Se Tong said, ‘bonduker nol e shokol khomotar utsho’ in his own country, in his own language. He would commit suicide if he could know about the recent Bangladesh poll even in hell. After 1971(liberation war), 1991(ousted Ershad) this (election 2001) is the third wonder and the most unexpected incident I believe in the history of Bangladesh.

I am a negative minded person. The first thing I do is find out the leaks and bad and demerits. My friends and mates tease me for this. Though they depend on me a lot for any review or appraisal. But I have found some more negative eyed persons on this site. I think I should let my friends know about these persons!!

Those who say Bangladesh is lost I have something to say for them. But before telling that, let me ask them ‘why do you think Bangladesh is lost?’ You didn’t think Bangladesh is lost even the day of election. Did you? No. So what ‘Gojob’ came on Bangladesh in one day that you guys are so confirmed that we are lost!!! Is it because BNP is now in power? Well, I understand then the feeling. I render my help and sympathy to heal you people because it is really difficult to accept such defeat. And at the same time I would like to remind you the words of Mr. Nizamee. He said, (when Mrs. Hasina refused the result and demanded re election on all 300 seats)‘We respect Hasina’s feeling, we are sympathetic to her but she is mentally sick now so we are not going to comment on what is she saying at the moment. Let her get well first.’ And my friends I believe that Bangladesh is really lost after the successful implementation of 5 year plan of destruction by AL.

Some people I found here have a desire to see united Kolkata and Bangladesh. Long back a politician of AL commented on the subject what I can still recall ‘Ho eklogey hoi, aar tomra maagee guli re eikhaney pathaiya aamgo brain gularey loiya jaoga. Aamra kolkata jai money kori bar e aailam, maagee ch… aar mod khai’.

Those of you say, BNP and AL are the other side of a coin. I strongly disagree. AL is a party was formed by the people, for the people and of the people. BNP is the party was formed by the military, for their interest, of the soldiers. So it can’t be the same. Not even the other side of your palm or coin.
One had direct link with the people and the other had link with opportunist, sold out, mislead politicians. So it is not the same thing.
One had 50 years to prove them, 50 years to prove as a good administrator, manager, entrepreneur; other had almost 23 years to prove themselves as peoples’ party. So they are not the same.
After these long years of dedication, motivation, sacrifice and compromise and good will BNP got 180+ seats and AL could manage 60+ seats. So they are not the same elements. And finally after those long years BNP proved it as the peoples’ party and confirmed the truth that it is Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh whereas AL lost the trust of people and worked hard to establish that it is Jatir Jonok Republic of Bangladesh. So definitely these are never the same things.

BNP has got an image of decent people. And AL got public and Supreme Court’s recognition of indecent peoples’ party. Some friends of mine call Mrs. Hasina as RMG (roshomoy gupto). I hope you all know who Roshomoy Gupto is. If you do not know ask book vendors of Neelkhet, you might get a copy of RMG Omnibus!!

Those who foresee another years of corruption, more loss of life…I am compelled to tell them with due respect that if it really happens be sure it will happen because AL is in opposition. We have seen AL in opposition in 1991; I can still see the animal nature of the supporters. They were in power in 1996, the experience is fresh enough to describe the anarchy of this party…but words are not enough to explain. To be honest with you in this stage, some of innocent and torch red young boys who voted and worked very actively for Mr. Hanif and Mr. Iqbal were planning to form a suicide squad to kill some of the miscreants like Nine Shooter Liton, Kala Jahangir and some others. Their equation was like 4:1; means kill four and die yourself. It didn’t happen. I don’t know why. You have seen the postings of Mr. Mastaan here; he wrote that if Hajee Selim is defeated he is not going to live. I don’t know what happened to him now. So, my friends…AL means the party of disguised Vamps.

People have given mandate to the alliance unanimously, it is not their fault. It’s not BNP’s fault either. It is AL who made people bound to vote for BNP. So if they vote for the alliance it means they know the country could turn into a very strong Islamic state in belief…then what’s the problem with you? If the inhabitants of this country decide to be fanatic who you to pull them back? Why you didn’t do good to people so that your leader could take more and more Chondon-tilok from some different men again? Why didn’t you respect people to come back again in power so that you could celebrate your double century by raping your mother country, if anything left there?

Sheikh Hasina is an omnivorous lady who gets crazy failing to occupy things she wants. The most dirty tongued so called PhD woman I have ever seen in my entire life. The most indecent politician of the world as far as I know after Shah Moazzem Hossain.

Some of us are talking about Mrs. Hasina’s degrees. Well, degree is never valueless my dear. When the person, getting these honorary degrees is illiterate in nature then the degree becomes valueless. So let us hate the person’s bad activity not the achievements. And yes, of course some of the degrees she got are really worthy. Though they put it on a wrong plate.

Opportunists are everywhere. Even legend Mr. Sheikh Mujib didn’t get his own blanket in 1974 to protect him from cold. Salahuddin Kader is in BNP too. Criminals are everywhere, Mr. Sheikh Kamal-Jamal, Joynal Hajaree, Shameem Osman, Hajee Selim Abu Taher were & are around us. At the same time we have Mirza Abbas, Pintu, and VP Joynal. Be careful of these elements. Be careful of Mohiuddin Khan Alamgirs, get rid of Nasims, and be careful of Joys. Be care full of nepotism. Be honest with the commitment. And the most important thing is, get rid of AC Akrams. And only then we can say “Bangladesh Regained.” And I am hopeful with the new faces of this parliament. They are almost 40% of the 300 seats.

Please please please.

People Discussion
(Monday, November 05, 2001)

Impressive analysis! thanks. however, form the analysis it feels like ' bichaar mani, taal gaach aamar!" no matter what, at the end of the day, BNP is better!! I wish it was true!

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

onekta shei rokom konkaboti. aami shadharon manush, boro boro shaphollo aamakey sporsho korey na. shadharon shustho jeebon chai aami. shbhabik bhabey bechey thaka. bas ei tukui. kintu ta o jokhon pai na haat paa oboh hoye aashey. aaghat kortey paari na jey.

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

you are real true kuasha.

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