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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, November 04, 2001
Can Bangladesh Bomb USA?

I know the title of this post is funny... and scary but bear with me. All this time I was upset by the NYC WTC terror attack and thought the USA has a legitimate right to strike back. Maybe USA does ... shrug ... or maybe not.

But then I began to think putting my feeling of horror away... and here is the funny and scary thing that came to mind...

Why is Osama bin Laden so bad? His alleged crime against humanity especially in NYC terror attack in which thousands of civilians died. Why is USA striking at Afganistan (or Taleban as they put it) cuz they are giving Osama bin Laden assylum.

Okay... In the USA several razakars live (there are also others in other countries including Bangladesh) Now if Bangladesh government asks USA to send these warcriminals to Bangladesh to face trial... and they don't, can Bangladesh bomb USA (given that they can physically do it)... Would that be just? Just like USA says its bombing of Afganistan is?

Does this mean that countries giving assylum to people are fair game to be attacked in the future by a country that is more powerful and demands the asylee to be returned?

Well I am thinking out loud here...


People Discussion
(Sunday, November 04, 2001)

manush hishebey Mrs. Hasina aar desh hishebey USA...eder niye joto kom kotha bola jaay totoi nirapod.

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

Laden ekjon antorjatic shontrashi bote, tobe WTC-er ghotonaar shonge tar jorito thakar kono promaan USA dite pareni. Kintu muslimder upor tader akrosher karone tara Afganistan-e haamla chaliechhe, ei bapar-ta apnara shobai janen. Thik ki na?

cactus of-morubhumi
(Monday, November 05, 2001)

Thank's kuasha for a nice advice.
Protibady Laden er sakhatkar ta porecho ki ?? se kintu ekta kothe bole je se Jihad korse. take proshno kora holo se Kenya te US embassy te boma hamlar sathe jorit kina se bollo nah tobe jara eta koreche tader sagoto janay. take proshno kora holo Saudi Arab a US Solder der upor boma marar sathe se jorito kina tar uttor sei ek rokom se jorit noy. abong Laden ata o boleche je se NY , Washington a boma hamlay Jorito kina se bole nah aami jorit noy tahole se kiser jehad korche??
kar sathe jehad korche?? aami mone kori Laden NY abon washigton tragedyr sathe jorito chilo.

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

Laden ki shontrashi?? Laden ke shontrashi naam diyeche USA. Karon se hocche sei manush je USA'r bhit kapiye dite paare. Je USA'r biruddhe kotha bolte paare, fire aaghat korte paare. Kintu laden ja kichu kore, ekta reason-e kore, ekta ideology'r jonno kore, takar jonno kore na, nijer sharther jonno kore na. aami eka eka bhabi, Laden jodi Shontrashi hoy, che guevara tobe ki chilo? Shontrashi?

Raqta apni khub chomotkaar bolechen, USA jodi Afganistan-e boma felte paare, taader-o Prostut thaka uchit, onno desher bomaar aaghat shojjo korar jonno.

...and..nice comment Kuashaa! feels like the same old Kuashaa!! Cheers!

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

a couple of days back watched a Tv interview of a prominent western journalist in CNN. he was saying Laden was a Freedom fighter in the eyes of USA. US govt. trained and supported him and others in various ways. the moment he wanted to see US soldier free Saudy and peaceful Palestine, he became a terrorist.
i understand the interest of US but what happened to UK?! why they are even more aggressive then Bush(buLL+shIT?

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

Raqta ,you said the something i said before.You know what's the problem,there is no unity in the islamic world.Whatever western countries tell them to do they do it like a obedient dog.They don't have their own personality.But there are few countries who stands their position firmly.I can mention right now Iran,Lebanon (i forgot the other can find all the news about them at ).

So i guess it is not only usa's fault.It is our fault.We give chance to use us.So they do it.

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

exactly, we are the 'kolur bolod'.

(Monday, November 05, 2001)

exactly, we are the 'kolur bolod'.

(Tuesday, December 25, 2001)

haha, dont compare razakars of the bangladesh independent movement to the direct, first hand killing of 4,000 completely innocent (

(Tuesday, December 25, 2001)

haha, dont compare razakars of the bangladesh independent movement to the direct, first hand killing of 4,000 completely innocent ("have no idea whatsoever of the outside world") Americans. Razakars against the Bengali movement was during war time,this was a time of peace in the middle of a metropolitan city. And whatever happend to the term, "The Survival Of The Fittest" or "Eye for an Eye"?

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