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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, November 02, 2001
From: april
This is only for shybal

You are such a stupid that shows when you curse a girl.How the hell you call a girl as bitch.You show respect by calling a girl as bith and other as deity?hmmm that's sounds funny.

I am not supporter of AL but still i have question for you.Who ruled this country long time,I guess that's BNP ,right?So how could our be still be the poorest country of the world?So the lady you are admiring now,didn't she do job when she was in power?did you curse her the way you cursed this lady?
You gotta be in fair position.This lady(the lady who was very eager to get all PHD from the world) might have done wrong or made the country more corrupted,that's not the reason she has to hear something very bad.

Both AL and BNP or JP are same.The member of those parites change everytime when the electiong comes near.So who should you curse.This ladies are not responsible for making country corrupted .responsible are those who are the member of their party (especially man).They are the show model of the pary.I think most of the decisions that those parties made comes from those so called man members not from hasina or khaleda.

You know better,nothing gonna happen in next five years too.You will say the same thing to the another lady next time too.This way time will go and you will still go on with your cursing.

People Discussion
(Friday, November 02, 2001)

You are very much right April. It's not khaleda or hasina, who are only person to make decisions about committing crimes. It's the system, which is made by "Men"- the politicians, which is responsible more then these poor ladies.

However, I think, Shybal curses Khaleda the same way he cursed Hasina. Infact, I guess, that's his usual way of addressing a lady or girl! It's nothing but a language problem..

(Friday, November 02, 2001)

I wouldn't offened my candy ass to ya, april but few question...........

** Did I call myself the supporter of pro BNP?
*didn't I ask Hashina(ur leader) to let the country be steady n stop callin' her so called "ashagogh andolon"?

ya r very rite konki apu......ekhana jodi Hashina na hoa aunno keui-o hatoooooo, ami thik temni kora boktammmmmm!!!!!!!

[This lady(the lady who was very eager to get all PHD from the world) might have done wrong or made the country more corrupted,that's not the reason she has to hear something very bad..........rifat]......ohhhhh yeahhhhhh!!!!!!'m repeatin' again n whoever in this such position would brin' her/him out n asked my dog to------ till they promised.....bla bla blaaaaaa!!!!!!!

(Saturday, November 03, 2001)

well, main thing of this disaster is just the league's so very poor stuffs in their lives for the past 21 yrs (before entering the territory). So, their MP's ministers usually paid too much for their desired wish. Which is finally settle on the throne. So, u see they had to pay very high price to get into it. So, obviously they had to fill their big butt holes with the country money u know to get their tail back again. They only gave n gave for the past long 21 yrs to their so called party associates. After that their asses got saliva less. So, to get back in the game again they took green papers as fast as they can. Well, BNP ws financially healthy that's why they took only 6000 cores BDT from the banks during sucking the country wealthy ass for the past 5 yrs. So, it wsnt that bad for a country. And league took 14000 cores BDT. The problem of leagues ws they were crazy after see that my my this country is mine. So, they did a hell of a job during their time. I don't think shekh hasina cd do anything for that huge mess of this country. Coz, her MP's were financially so much downed. Plus they gave their everything to her to seat on the throne. So, shekh hasina ws unable to stop those butt headed people to stop it. Coz, if she says anything then they will say to her, fuck off old bitch we gave u everything, now we got the power after thru ur country, so, its pay back time. Well, those riddle garbages thought they wont able to come back again so, take as much as can. That's the fact they have loosed their power and will never gonna get in, in their entire life.

Well, april the same thing wont happen I guess coz if BNP works well, then they will be driving the seat for a long time. And they will work good that's for sure. Coz, league wont come again. And that's guaranteed. Coz, people r too much matured now these days that's how they can figure out things. Jarai leaguer moto bhul korbe tara aar ashbe na ever. If BNP will follow them they might they have huge sucking money. But they will loose it for good. After that people will vote ershad I guess. tao jodi kaaj na hoi pore hoito ek nayoktontro ashbe. But previous chapters will never gonna reveal that's for sure.

Well, time bring something to ur country just give it some double figure yrs. So, u will say, can u dig it sucker..


(Saturday, November 03, 2001)

jemne likhche bulletin e this is only for chybal.. aami to bhablam kuno prem potro bujhi..

(Saturday, November 03, 2001)


cactus of-morubhumi
(Sunday, November 04, 2001)

April onodhikar probesh er jonno konka aapu. megh bhai er saja houa uchit this is only for shybal so konka aapu tar sundor nak er megh bhai tar lombba nak na dileo parto . obosho se dose amakeo tara doshi korte pare tara tai aami amake aagei nirdos promanito korchi name doshe aami maje maje neta giri korte jay abong kori bhobishotep korbo .

(Tuesday, November 06, 2001)

Zia, posting ta Shyblake kora hole-o bishoyta shobaari jonno unmukto chilo.

aar, shybal er bepare aami april er shathey ekattota ghoshona korar jonno-i aamr naakta goliyechilaam!

(Tuesday, November 06, 2001)

can you gyes get over the topics ..cause i hope its very hard to understand the bd will never know what they are up to...cause still the jamat is one of the powerful politics in bd whom are actualy know as rajakars and presedent ZIA stablished them and and arshad make place to get them i think in a country where the razakars are in action ...there is no word called morality.... so why u people just dont forget about it

cactus of-morubhumi
(Friday, October 26, 2001)

well meher-du every nation have Rajakar or something like that. ok don't you know US also fight for Indipend from the UK . now they fight togather in war of Gulf. and the Afgan.
what Hitler Did to the world I think no one can forget that. So why don't we Ignore Germany. and Japan I think every one know about there history too . I am not support rajakar . I or jamat or some thing like that but we have to go on .
Bangladesh a Rajakar theke thakle AL tar Bichar korlo nah keno ? shekh Saheb tahole kader sadharon khoma korlen ? AL keno tader nie Andolon korlo? AL er president prarthy Jutice Badrul haydar keno Golam Ajam er Doa nite gelo ? a rok hajar proshno aache jar jobab AL er kacheo nei

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