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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, January 21, 2001
From: Priya
" Gotta Crush"

So..U have a crush- I give great advice, just let me know the situation ('s a few tips to help U out--1) U gotta let the person know- soon- It might be too late
2) Be nice and most of all "Be yourself".
Well, bye

People Discussion
(Tuesday, January 30, 2001)

Are you a physichiatrist?

Someone who know you
(Thursday, February 01, 2001)

anne kia hagoler dactar ni.


(Tuesday, February 27, 2001)

Thakns for your response, no, I'm not a physichiatrist.
But I love to give advice to people, and most of the time I'm right.

(Tuesday, February 27, 2001)

Hey "someone who know you"..who r u? And how do u know me, Anywayz..let me know, THanks!

(Wednesday, March 28, 2001)

at certain age,driven by hormones,people get crushed,its a normal a situation like this one has to understand that its euphoria of mind and a one off lets recognise it that can happen for some bodily matter and lets forget about it,when its over, like phew that was a crush nearly though coz i am still alive

Hridoy Raihan
(Saturday, April 14, 2001)

keep caring

(Friday, May 04, 2001)

virus (tomal) gotta crush on b2k chat by a girl name dina. please help him out. he is getting totally nutts coz of it.

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