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Thursday, August 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, November 01, 2001
From: shybal
~~!~~ki naam debo?????~~!~~

"Nilnokshar nirbachoner folafol amora mani na. amora noya(new) sangshod-a jabo na. sangshod sodassho hisheba sapath nebo na".........Hashina

What the fuck with ya mother fuckin' slut bitch, Hashina?rrrrr ya outta ur minddd? 've ya ever thought the ppl of Bangladesh kicked ya n the followers candy asses!!!!!!

ya r the slut who tried to divided the nation with ur so called "sapakkho n bipakkhoo". did ur father really wanted the independent of East Pakistan?orrrrr he wanted to be the prime minister of East Pakistan? there's no ne history where it saysss, "a freedom fighter surrunder himself/herself to the oponent".......well, Mujib inspired the ppl to stand to get back their riteeeees n it was his credittttt!!!!!!!

n ya bitch(Hashina) now tryin' to re-call the election n comin' up with some nasty things!!!! the law ya 've had to save ur nasty breed.........won't work. Its time to realize why ppl took of their support on ya n pee inside of ur fellowers mouth. 'caz ya all talk toooo much n ppl were so pissed to hearin' the dream of ur father.........

ppl in BD, they want the success to acompany with the world.....not to go back in 71 or whatever. ya r in the politics more than 20 years what ya really gave to the poor ppl n ur followers.....nothin' but a win(jekhana chilo sontrash n corruption), ya called urself a democratic minded leader. why don't ya move urrrr ass n resign from the political power? let the youn' generation come in who they r not lookin' back but thinkin' to doooo a lot for Bangladesh n throw those devils in the trash!!!!!

now get back n relax ur candy ass with few beers(I know it ain't work but few glasses of hot "pee")......

(I wish I would 've brin' her out n call my dog to ------(likhlam na).......till Hashina promised to be restrained leader n stop talkin' those vulgar words. such as, "Amar neta-kormider aghat korla proti-aghat kora hoba n err result pora dekha jabaaaaaa".........let the country be steady n stop callin' ur so called "Ashagogh andolon" before the survivin' ppls take the action)

People Discussion
(Saturday, November 03, 2001)

chooppppp beta.. tore dekhlam nirbachoner din public daikka noukai vote dewaitachos ekhon aabar alga pechal parbar boicho..

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