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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, January 21, 2001
From: Priya
" I dare U, Solve this riddle?"

A dream that never came true, A dream that stayed a dream, If it was only a dream, then why does it feel so real?-
P-S- Give up, let me know, I'll give U the answer.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, January 31, 2001)

If you ask me, I will say it is a wet dream! I had a wet dream about someone, but in reality, I never could touch the person I had the dream with! So, the dream never came true! But still, when I remember about the dream, I experience the same feelings as I had when I had that wet dream! So, the dream feels very real to me! Why? Because mind is a very powerful weapon to vivid and feel anything that involves a person very special to someone.
Dear Priya, if you do not agree with what I explained above, you can always get me at

(Friday, February 09, 2001)

I agree with u dalim7 but it'z still not the answer to thr riddle

(Monday, March 12, 2001)

Anyway..... your question itself is sooooo dreamy..!!!

Yet, I would dare to solve your riddle.... hahahaha....!!!!

Only one in a million people can see his or her dream comes true.... however... you dream a very sweet dream as do I.... you only can feel your dream so real if and if only you dream about your real love.... am I wrong...????

I'm available at or

(Wednesday, March 28, 2001)

dream help us solve our day to day problems when we are at sleep,youre probably talking about daydream its like planning in mind,we are goalseeking like all living thing,our mind like to achieve something and plan ahead,the more we want to achieve our goal the more we dream about vividly,if our goal is for love no wonder we will dream about it with maximum strength becoz love is all we want if someone is overdone they should respecify their goals and redirrect it,after all we can be loved for doing myriads of things,dont you agree

(Friday, May 04, 2001)

i just dont get it.. why most of b2k gals always talk about fucken dreams.. fucken cowards scare to die.. thats why only dream away..

(Friday, May 04, 2001)

dream's all abt havin' sex n throw those slut bitches!!!!!

(Friday, May 04, 2001)

dream's all abt havin' sex n throw those slut bitches!!!!!

(Sunday, March 16, 2003)

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