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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, September 28, 2001
From: shongeet4life
I will not vote BNP

I am a GOB service man. I work 9 to 8. Sometimes I work on Saturdays without any overtime. I have to go to office during Hartals amid insecurity. My salary is not enough to run my family. So I have to work on weekly holidays for extra income. My life becomes miserable when my Boss, a Director, feels good to work on Saturdays. While, on weekly working hours he is not in office, spending his time in personal interests. On Saturdays he calls me in his office and begins to talk about his personal life & politics.
Today morning I wake up with news that Madame Khaleda Zia in her election campaign in Northern district said that she would cut the weekly holidays into one day. I hope this decision would make my Boss as well as the loan-defaulters & tax-cheater Businessmen happy. I am sure Bangladesh will not develop overnight with 6 working days. While millions of workers like me will suffer in many ways. Our bosses will not increase salary nor they will provide any overtime.
Therefore, I am not unanimous to this point with Madame Khaleda Zia and I will not vote her for her decision.
I would suggest Madame Khaleda Zia when she comes to power to take initiative to increase the work-desire among workers of Bangladesh not workdays.

Indira Road

People Discussion
(Friday, September 28, 2001)

For a poor country like our country ,two days off is luxury but nothing.People go office in 8:am but they start their work at 12:00 noon ,then they take break for one hour.They may come back at 2:00 pm (according to their desire).Spend a little bit time to see the files that were supposed to finished at least one month ago.When it is 3:00 pm,they get ready to go home.So what is our total hours that we work?If we add up the total hours,it will not even make two days hour.So ,Mr Tarek ,what are you gonna do?

Whoever you vote ,wouldn't matter if you all people worked and used the scheduled hours completely.

(Friday, September 28, 2001)

I can sympathise with your situation. However, april is right, for a poor country like Bangladesh, 2 days off is a luxury.
Anyways it does not matter whether we vote for BNP or AL... they will never change the situation.


PS: oh and no I don't even consider JP or JIB worth anything either.

cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, September 29, 2001)

april is right deshr proyjone ekdin chuty rakhay uttom .private company gulo to emnitei ekdin bondho rakhe sudhu sorkary amlara dudin chutir srote ga vasie day. tedr jonno ekdin chuti to uttom. Dr Mahathir Mohhamod er moto ek PM amader dorkar chilo se orthonity mondar dorun nije soho sob montry abong frist class sorkary kormo korta der beton komie diechen. er amader deshe PM ra Desher ei porishityteo beton nije soho sobar beton briddhy kore

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