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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, September 24, 2001
From: ~*megh*~
fate of a love

I just want to lay next to you for a while..
You look so beautiful tonight..
Your eyes are so lovely..
Your mouth is so sweet..
A lot of people misunderstand me..
That's because they don't know me at all..
I just want to touch you.. and hold you..
I need you.. I love you so much..

Each time the wind blows..
I hear your voice so..
I caaall your name...
Whispers at morning..
Our love is dawling..
Heaven's glad you came..

You know how I feel
This thing can't go wrong
I'm so proud to say I love youuu..
Your love's got me high..
I long to get by..
This time is forever..
Love is the answer..

I hear your voice now..
You are my choice now..
TTThe love you bring..
Heaven's in my heart..
At your call I hear harps..
And angels singgggg..

You know how I feel..
This thing can't go wrong..
I can't live my life without you..

I JUST can't hold on..
I feel we belong..

My life ain't worth living..
If I can't be with youuuu..

I just can't stop loving you..
I just can't stop loving youuuuuu
And if I stop..
Then tell me just what will I doooo..

Cause I just can't stop loving youuu..

At night when the stars shine..
I pray in you I'll find..
A looove so trueee..

When morning awakes me..
Will you come and take me..
I'll wait for youuuu..

You know how I feel..
I won't stop until..
I hear your voice saying I doooo..

This thing can't go wrong..
This feeling's so strooong..

Ohhh, my life ain't worth living..
If I can't be youuuuuuu..
I just can't stop loving you..
and if I stop..
Then tell me, just what will I do..

People Discussion
S Lily
(Monday, September 24, 2001)

Sooooo nice!
Thank you megh for publishing such a nice thing.

(Monday, September 24, 2001)


(Tuesday, September 25, 2001)

yeah its really Great bhaiya!!!...

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