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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001
From: ~*megh*~
hell to ur country and ur country men RAQTA

oh hell.. revolution my ass.. nothings gonna change this shitty country n country men attitudes.. as i told here before not to post these so called craps over here.. why dont u shut ur big mouth for a while.. or i guess, u cant help it to show momo tongue like other politicians.. for ur ass sake asshole, stop talking.. talking n talking about aamar shonar shopno.. I M SICK, TIERD AND FED UPPPPP OF ITTTTTTTTTT..
nothing.. NOTHING can change or fill ur garbage countries dream.. coz, those bitch shits leaders like, bnp, leauge.. wont give a damn to it.. your so called country bangladesh's people r deaf, dumb and have a fucking big mouth like u.. who always bark about things.. cant do anything.. SO DONT BARKKKKKK ONLYYYYY!!!!!! oh yeah, one thing can change it tell ur country men, u monkey brain worthless super fucking piece of garbage shits.. dont vote them or any of our party leaders.. vote a new guy, like a young genaration.. who has a dream in his eyes to heal this fucking contry.. coz, old brain cant think much.. and those old mother fuckers bnp.. league.. r too young to kiss the evolutaions ass..

oh yeah, i gotta tell u something u worthless, deaf, dumb disease ridden garbage bengalis.. vote me, at fisrt i will kill all of those sons of whores who dare to reveal terrors here.. and also make some rules, like, every single person who r corrupted, hang them till to the death.. and killllllllll all of those old politicians who r still bugging arround with thier smelly jackass.. well, after do that thing i guess ur so called stupid shitty country bangladesh will have only few peoples to live.. but dont worry, population will grow up like hell soon.. dorkar hoile pura desher 2/3 manush maira felbo nordoma poriskarer jonno.. er por theke shob apna thekei hoi pabe kono o kaj ku kaj korte.. coz, it needs a renesa.. after few years like 5, 10.. everything will be better than ever.. if u or ur fucking deaf n dumb country people cant do it.. THEN PLS DONT BARKKKKKKKKK HERE ABOUT REVOLUTION U ASSSHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. and one more thing, dont GO TO THE VOTE POLL.. for these monkey shits leaders.. i wd prefer die to give my vote to them.. thats why i never did that in the past.. i will give vote to him who will think this way.. or me.. and u know what??? u stupid bengalis can only bark.. and scream like a crow.. and thing goes like before.. kono baler poribornton o hoi na..
things go like same.. its so pathetic.. now what, turn ur fucking TV on and what we see, nothing but only barking shits.. oh hell, that asshole bodruddoja chowdhury always telling and showing bad things about awamileauge in ATN bangla.. and other bitch shekh hashina's memebers telling things about bnp's craps on ETV.. after see, u cant cry.. cant laugh.. but only kick ur own ass by urself with madness..

i hate it.. i hate u deaf, always have a big mouth bengalis.. go n kill urself assholes bengalis.. all r like u RAQTA.. jesus chirst why the hell i have born here with this chokh thakteo ondho type of creatures territory.. dont take it personal RAQTA but Fuck you worthless disease ridden garbage..

People Discussion
(Sunday, September 23, 2001)

Thank you for your nice comments...


PS So if you are not a Bengali... what are you?

(Sunday, September 23, 2001)

this is the shame.. that i m a bengali.. what a big slap from god to me.. for being a bengali

(Sunday, September 23, 2001)

Since you are ashamed to be a Bangalee, I wish for you to be able to change your nationality/citizenship to the country of your choice. However, even though I am frustrated by the present condition of Bangladesh -- and it is very frustrating -- I am a Bangalee and I will dream on... and work towards my dreams.

By the way, the "garbage country" that you call Bangladesh has had some history... if you feel inclined to read... it is not too long:

Oh and by the way... if you recall, I did ask the people not to vote for the politicians and the razakars. As long as they are the leadership of the country, our dreams have no hope...


(Tuesday, September 25, 2001)

this wd be the highest honor to change this nationality.. if i cd change.. well, keep ur dreams float in ur heaven.. and i know ur history.. i wsnt talking about the history.. i ws talking bout those things which r happening.. and BTW, the leaderships wont buzz off from here.. so there will be no hope too.. chao..

(Tuesday, September 25, 2001)

Tell me you are not Dominic... in some ways you sound like my friend Dominic...


(Monday, October 01, 2001)

As you mentioned you don't like bengali and being Bengali. You have mentioned about the language they used in TV. You're right about them. But you're worse then them. The language you used is not very nice at all. The people could could be Garbage but Country can only be a garbage country when Garbage people like you cliam to be Bengali. The language tells me that you picked all the garbage words from somewhere you lived or living and it's not Bengali language. I am ashamed that people like you call yourself Bengali.


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