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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001
From: Shamim_Miah
The Big Terror is USA

It is true that USA has been tring its utmost to eradicate Muslims from the face of the earth one way or another. Now the question of WTC is merely a reason under the umbrella of which it is embarking upon a highly secret strategy to through with the Taliban and thereafter the muslims of other countries. The question might be that why would USA do such thing? well the answer is very simple. They are afraid of the Taliban government because they are operating according to the Islamic Principles. USA wants the whole world to be following its way of living and follow its orders like the other morally scrupled countries. But its have forgotten one thing that is Muslim's way of living and governance varies from their. Muslims cannot follow the ideas of that of a non-muslim country and its government. USA have been embarking upon many anti-muslim policies since the taking over of this government. The Paletine cause is still unsettled because of USA's personal interests. The demolition of the WTC by the aeroplanes was not a terrorist act it was a signal to USA to rethink on its foreign policies. It have been bombing on Iraq on what ground? come tell me? why still that bombing is carried regularly? well sure this does not show USA to be a peace loving country at all. This shows a savagery that could come out no other country than USA it self. What does it show you? nothing more than an active invitation for repay time. Of course those who have been suffering its policies will never keep silent. USA's current policy to track down Osama is a mere drama. It is an attempt to mask the main purpose which is no wander to give a birth of terror and miscommunication between the muslims of this region and world over. Now tell me who is the real terror Osama or USA?

People Discussion
(Sunday, September 23, 2001)

Nice analysis, bit arogent though.

m zaman
(Sunday, September 23, 2001)



(Sunday, September 23, 2001)

Thanks for appreciating M_zaman. and bd_KonkaBoti.

(Monday, September 24, 2001)

Agreed whole heartedly with Zaman. Salute man!

(Monday, September 24, 2001)

u guys r supporting Taliban govt ??? thats strange..where women cant go to school, cant go to work, stay all the time under veil..guys couldbe prisoned for not enogh long of their beard..and u Bd_KOnkaboti also..supported him thats funny...Shamid did u forget when Iraq took over Kuwait ?? whats our Islamic nations did at that time ?? we bd people gave a big hands to Saddam ..can u tell which part of Islam support to take over of one Islamic country by another Islamic country...yaa USA went to help was international force though but USA took first initiative...i aint sayint they r doing good in every cases..but they always try to do so. like economic embargo for terrorist nations or where human rights is violating...anyway i aint prolonging this matter..

(Tuesday, September 25, 2001)

I a not supporting Taliban arif what I agreed to the point "US AND ISRAEL ARE THE TWO TERRORIST STATE AND UN IS NOTHING BUT A SHIT OF YES BOSS PLATFORM." and I still do

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