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Thursday, August 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001
From: ~*megh*~
shybal's love letter

hey guys i have found a love letter in shybal's desk.. here it goes..

shybal aamar naam..
piyar ghor..
house no. 11..
Chipa Goli..

date: noi/dui/egaro..

my dear Pocha meye,
You must be surprised to receive this Prem Patra from me.. Let me make my
porichoy to you as premik preyoshi niya jabe.. Though I am an Lucchia, but I am also your Deewana..
I am making you a Prarthona to enter my Zibon as a Priyatoma.. Even though I do not have any Shomporko with you.. I still consider you as my Dream Girl.. with Lal sharir par deya achole.. There are only Dui rasta left for me.. One is to get your love by Tyag or to go the chinaya neya way.. Wouldn't you like to be Aamar Jibon Shathi as you are Lakho te Ek?? I also hope that you will Guide me in Ghorer Bahire as we are made for Ekjon arekjoner jonno.. We will live in Noya Zamana where we will have a Shuhana Sofor.. In this Himalayer bahu dore, our Bondhan is going to tied with bhalobashar bhejal shuta.. I hope that we will have nothing but Anando in premer mondire.. Aren't you bored of ekla aami ekla tumi life?? Let this shundor chele be your Boy Friend.. and we start prothom prem.. This chawa pawa is going to lead to a Milon where you are going to call me everyday for asho pyaar kori..

Now, aabar kobe ashbe??.. As you know my love is Himalay theke ucha and hopefully our Mulakat will be An Evening in Paris asho gola joriye dhoro..


Hons, MS.. and having PHD in prem pujari (shybal rahman)

People Discussion
(Friday, September 21, 2001)

"We will live in Noya Zamana where we will have a Shuhana Sofor".........eta kothayraaaaaaa?

ami kintu khub voya voya achiii, tor bonera eshob kotha porla/sunla na chola jayyyyyyy arrr ato baro title dekhla torr bonera amaka jalia marbaaaaa........ami tor bonder sutha kakhonooo mishti kora (romantic craps)kotha boliniiiii

cactus of-morubhumi
(Friday, September 21, 2001)

Hari bhangar je protijogita cholche tate hoy to amara apneder aaro harir khobor pabo

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