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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2001
From: ~*megh*~
eri naam bhalobasha

Finally, here is some warning given out in good faith!

Biyer age - jodi tumi na thakte aamar jibone ..
Biyer pore - jodi tumi na thakte ..

Biyer age - aami bhalobashi..
Biyer pore - ami bhalobashi?? ..

Biyer age - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..
Biyer pore - dhurrr, kichui hoi na baal..

Biyer pore - Dil To Pagal ache..
Shaadi ke baad - Dil To Pagal chilo..

Biyer age - shudhu tomar jonno..
Biyer pore - huh, shudhu bacchder jonno..

Biyer age - bolo, aami shat shagor tero nodir opar theke tomar khopar poddo ful niye ashi??
Biyer pore - chutkir amma, pa ta ektu tipe dao..

Biyer age - tomar chehra like Chandromukhi..
Biyer pore - Jwaalamukhi..

Biyer age - Kuwara Baap..
Biyer pore - Bechara Baap..

Biyer age - Titanic..
Biyer pore - Mortgage..

Biyer age - Hum Aapke Hai Koun?..
Biyer pore - Borbadir Kaaron..

Biyer age - kothai gele jaan..
Biyer pore - oi gela koiii..

Biyer age - aamar shopner raani..
Biyer pore - Chutkir Amma..

Biyer age - jaan, i cant live without u..
Biyer pore - huh, who wanna live a life..

Biyer age - asho pyaar kori..
Biyer pore - asho baki ghore kaj gula shesh kori??

Biyer age - tomar ghono kalo chule hariye jai mon..
Biyer pore - dhuro, chul ta kaita falao na ken.. bar bar mukher upor aisha pore.. ghumaiteo diba na naki..

People Discussion
(Thursday, September 20, 2001)

not too bad, huh?

(Thursday, September 20, 2001)

Ta megh eto oviggota kotha theke???likheso darun jate keo kono din biye na kore!!!!!!!!!!

(Friday, September 21, 2001)

hmm, prothom kotha holo obhiggota na.. chironton shotto.. 2nd kotha holo.. biye to kortei hobe tomader.. na korleo khoti nei.. adim juger moto ---- prokirai baby born apna apni hoyei jabe.. arekta kotha.. u belong to men.. men dont belong to u..

(Friday, September 21, 2001)

sense of belongingness only comes when you are in the hight of true love. you don't feel that sense of belongingness if you are not in truly in love. and this sense of belongingness might be the only difference between a "crash" and true love. if you say, only women belong to men, men don't belong to women, then does it mean, only women are the one who can love, and all men are cheat? hypocrates? Do you want to say that, men don't love truly??

and megh,are you representing the mankind?

(Friday, September 21, 2001)

nope i didnt say that.. infect men love that way girl.. a girl cant even imagine to touch.. girls r too far to show that much love.. u know that right?? u have that precious thing.. love isnt a thing which can be pass out one to another.. if u love someone.. u have to love only him or her no matter if he loves u or not.. karon bhalobahai shorto thakena.. je bhalobashe she shorto rakhena je tomake tar bhalobastei hobe.. karon she to bhalobashar age tomar kache shorto rakheni, tumi ke.. ki tomar porichoy.. kuei rakhe na actually.. i mean kono chele.. bhalobasha mane ei na, je aamake dilo na.. aamio dibo na.. je aamake debe aami take debo.. this is not love.. this is a mother fucking give n take buisness.. as far as love matter concern thats sanctuarry and uncondition thing..ja shudhu shottotag kortei hoi.. and most of the time i see this in men.. and very rare in woman cases.. ask urself how much innocent r u in a way?? (its just an example)..

so, come to the next damn point.. i didnt say anything wrong in that prospective which is been given by god for men.. i meant u came out by one of our bone.. we didnt make by u.. and thats why men will always rule in that way.. But girls have the power to controll mens emotion.. but if u wanna get ride up, it wont good for ur female legacy.. jeta aami shesh dekhake (rima) ke bolte chacchilam..

so long..

(Sunday, November 11, 2001)

ore baba, tai naki?
tahole ki bie korboi na?

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