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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2001
Bangladesh Elections

"During the heady election season, vow not to partake in any biased partisan games of "Abahoni-Mohamedan" style politics and abandon the so-called leaders of our ailing nation. Take oath not to stand by and watch the violence-ridden "Abahoni-Mohamedan" politics repeat its bloody cycle.
Otherwise, our lack of action will only subject our children to a legacy of strife and can only promise a future where misery will be synonymous to life. Send forth a message to the politicians and the razakars of '71, let them know that the time has come for their dishonourable exit."

My request: Do not vote for the parties who are based on gangsterism and corruption and do not vote for parties that are made up or the razakars and albadars.


People Discussion
(Thursday, September 20, 2001)

(Thursday, September 20, 2001)

then who are we going to vote for?

(Thursday, September 20, 2001)

I do not think there is any simple answer... maybe some very decisive answer is necessary -- an answer from the ppl who want something better.

In the market -- you have a choice of fishes... one is rotten... the other is half rotten...

Maybe it is better if you don't buy any of the fish... or why not go fish for yourself.

(Friday, September 21, 2001)

I prefer not to buy any fish, if the choice is only between a rotten and a half rotten one. then what? you think, if I don't buy the fish, it's going to be thrown away of the market??

(Friday, September 21, 2001)

It will be thrown off the market if we, the custommers, demand it...
Maybe it is time to switch vendors altogether... The vendors need to know that we don't want their rotten fish...

heh... personally I don't even like fish...

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