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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2001
From: shybal
~~!~~reason for breathin' n a question to ur God~~!~~

If I cried like a baby.....would ya change ur(God) mind
If I told ya I 'm crazy.....would ya come runnin' to me
The harder I try to break away
the more I get lost in yesterday
Ya knew is just a shell........n livin' life's hell!!!!!!!!!

I turn the radio(mind).....just to take the hurt away
I 'm missin' myself n its killin' me.......

I don't wanna die tonight/today or the comin' day
but I think I might be goin' down
I don't wanna close my eyes........
'caz I might not see the light of day
I 'm almost out of air....
Ya(God) r my reason for breathin'.......ya r my reason for breathin'

Playin' solitaire just toooooooo ease my mind
Poured one for ya(God), but I drank that too
Anythin' to kill the pain of myself!!!!!!!!!

So, I 'm reachin' out, on the distant line
Hopin' deep inside my hearts....gonna find a reason
To keep me breathin'.....but I 'm lost in this pain
n I don't 've much time(isn't that God?)
I 'm so tired of walkin' this same old lines
so, I 'm takin' my pride
gonna throw ittttttt aside..............

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