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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
we are all human

Since that day, i am feeling like one of them who are mourning, one of them who are stucked in the wreckage,feeling like I am one of the Americans.

May peace be upon all of us..

People Discussion
(Saturday, September 15, 2001)

It was the mourning day here today. Americans went to church ... most of the vehicles on the road had flags on it. In the evening candles were lit. There was one lit at my friends window too. I din't lit one ... cuz I din't feel like. Instead I prayed for all.

Konka ... I felt like it to be one of the greatest shame for humanity. I dont know if they even knew what they were doing or why. But I don't think there could be any reason ... reason enough take 30 thousand ppls life.

I felt it a little different way too. A hugh loss of merit and hardship. One fine morning some top executives, graduates, interpreneurs ... in the heart of the super power ... taken down to dust in just minutes. I can't imagine if there could be a better way to get the message ... how insignificant our existance has become as human beings.

(Saturday, September 15, 2001)

You are right heemel, and they are not only Americans, not only Christians or Jews. There were people from different nationality, and different religion. So far we know, fifty Bangladeshi people are missing. It's an attack for the humanity, against all nations, and religion. I agree with you heemel, there could be no reason to counduct such an evil.

but again it hurts me, when next day I see in the news paper that 10 people are shot dead in Palestain by Israeli military to " eradicate terrrisim" then I ask myself where are we heading? where is humanity? and I feel bad that USA's foreign policy has been supporting Israel.

Dewale pith theke gele, Biraal-o kokhono kokhno bagh hoye jaay, eei ghotona taar ekta boro promaan aabaro.

(Saturday, September 15, 2001)

Well it's one kind of punishment for USA.Because it happened only for thier stupid act(putting nose in everywhere).For thier reason,many people die outside of the US too.But we don't care because they don't get media publicity.They need to feel the pain of loosing someone.They are getting it now.So I don't think it was really a sudden matter.
Well,i fell bad for this incident.Now the people of USA need to understand that they will continue to loose their beloved one until they stop supporting their government for putting nose in all country.

cactus of-morubhumi
(Saturday, September 15, 2001)

No April that not right.killing people
and say,this is pay Islam dos'nt
teach us like that.
may be we have to find out some other way to make sure U.S don't do any bad to us.don't you think april many Mushlim country doing bad to mushlim
see Afgan why they fight.killing eatch other both of them mushlim. why Iraq attac Queat ?
killing people is a not a soluation
the people who did that they are not Mushlim not christian not hindu or bhudhist they are just Evil.
tomar jonno khub chintay chilam duto mail korlam answer dile na keno april.
nice to see you here
april. but not a well writeing from you. it's so sad.

(Saturday, September 15, 2001)

April is kinda right, and i agree with Zia too.

is there a way to match these two?

(Saturday, September 15, 2001)

April ... you have put it very strongly ... US IS BEHIND STIRRING UP THE WHOLE THING. And if the people of US is behind the Govt. they should realize what they are doing. But is this the way to appeal worlds conscience?

We hate US for what they are doing all over the world ... the same reason we hate it. It's the same act only the stage is different. If we quest for what US deserves or what Palestine does'nt ... we'll get different answers with different contexts. But if Konka asks what Humanity deserves? A pretty simple answer ... No Violence.

Why? Just see the consequences. No matter who is guilty ... may be we gonna see a FLAT Afghan terrain just within a week of NY without WTC. Whoever gains it's a hugh loss for humanity. One act of unjust to counter another ... and if it continues ... soon nothing will be left to worry about.

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