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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, September 06, 2001
From: bushra
bb reply nay na kayno!!!?....RE: Snow

so, abaro amra koaykjon... ..Shoptodinga,kuashaa,bushra...haha....welcome snow..

now lets c whats really going on, and also what we can do right at this moment.
1. bangla bhasha unicode-bhukto....prostab ta uthaychilo indiar pokkho thaykay, karon bangladesh unicode consortium ayr member na...
2. india tay ashami, chakma, monipuri,naga etc. etc. bhasahr lok-jon bangla lipi use india thaykay jay unicode set daya hoaychay tar sathay amadeyr chayna jana banglar lipir kichuta gor bor achay...( dari naee, ana-sikir jonno amadayr chokhay oporichito kichu sign, hosonto to naee..etc.etc..)...and this unicode was accepted. most important thing is ,if once a letter or symbol is coded u cant change it...u cant use n e other code for the same letter or symbol...and also u cant change the name of the letter or now we DONT HAVE ANY OPTION, but to accept this code..

Mr, Jafar Iqbal wrote an article on this topic in Prothom-alo..."Computer Jagat" has been shouting for a long time....Mr. Mostofa Jabbar also wrote about it isnt that, we r not shouting....its that, the government is not takeing any steps...BSTI simply accepted this code....well, what else can they do if they want to use bangla...

now, to develop this code u need to be a member of unicode committy....well, thats not easy...we have to pay about 12,000$ per year for a full membership....our government is always idiot ,blind,deaf n dumb(i always try 2 avoid harsh words, but seems i have no other better options here ), who is gonna take the chance...???

People Discussion
(Friday, September 07, 2001)

nice info. informative.

(Friday, September 07, 2001)

nice info. informative.

Snow :
(Friday, September 07, 2001)

kuashaa, tomake bb like kore, tai tomar reply always double kore print hoy, kintu bushra ke mone hoy bb posondo kore na, tai bushrar reply ney e na

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