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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, January 05, 2001
From: Priya
Teen Life in the U.S

I'm a teen just like many other's living here in America. Lifestyle, Culture, everything is different here. Our parent's, sure they care about us, but they really don't understand what being a teen in America is like. we have to deal with all diferent kind of issues ( Guy's, clothe's, Dates, Party's, etc).Which is why I'm writing this today. Love, sex, and boy's are around us all the time. We all want to fit in so we try to be as Americanized as possible. But sooner or later our parent's come in and give us the long speech, You know the one about culture and religion..respect and so on...honestly, it's boring. There's no fun. Marriges are still arranged. Girls are not allowed to date. What's up with that? I think if all of us (teenagers) were in Bangladesh and never found out about America(how it feels to be free to live your own life)we would be happy following the culture and so on...If your a grown-up reading this, your probably thinking, who does she think she is? Well, I only have one answer. Accuse my language please. Here's your answer- I am teenager living in America...and I am sick and tired of hearing about culture and religion...Parent's are always doing the talking...never listening. How can you understand our part of the story if you don't let us express our thoughts. Please, to all parents out there..I'm not trying to say bangali culture is bad or anything, I just think that..Parent's should also listen to the kids..what they have to say. You got to hear both side of the story before determinig a solution. If you have any questions regarding this article please feel free to E-mail me at Thank You.

People Discussion
Jahed Ahmed
(Monday, January 08, 2001)

I think what Priya has tried to say here is typical of most teens born & brought up outside Bangladesh.
Parents may have rights to tell what they feel right & wrong BUT they shouldn't try to impose their likings & views on their children.Afterall, each of us is very different from other by the very make-up of our mind.

(Wednesday, January 17, 2001)

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(Wednesday, February 21, 2001)

Well , I agree that that parents should hear you out...But I do understand that the rules they are probably seeting is only for your protection. Gotta keep in mind that they've gone through the same things you did , so perhaps their rules make more sense than you are willing to admit. Sorry if I sound like a lecture giving buddah .

(Tuesday, February 27, 2001)

Hey..DAmage acse 00..thanks for understanding. Now we have to figure out a way to change this.Any ideas?

(Tuesday, February 27, 2001)

Ninos..what do u want with my photo jerk?

(Tuesday, February 27, 2001)

Jahed Ahmed..many thanks for your I wnt to know what we are going to do about this..Many bengalee parents stand in the way ..and adults think it's ridiculous..well anywayz..let me know what you think

(Wednesday, March 28, 2001)

to live with differant culture in a foreighn land is very difficult thing ,one has to constantly compromise with both culture,i dont recommened any sudden change to become something which would look odd.not just copying but copying the best available,ofcourse culture changes but at which rate we should change,ask yourself

(Wednesday, April 02, 2003)


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