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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, September 03, 2001
From: shybal
~~`!~~`A question~~`!~~`

The situation (for the ladies/girls):"Ya 're really diggin' a guy (maybe on the first or second date.......whenever), ya 've got him on your bed, ya rrrrrr givin' him a back rub (straddlin' his back mind you), kissin' his neck n ear lobes, speakin' in sexual innuendo n bla bla. Basically tryin' to seduce him........."

Here's the question: What would ya think if the guy (even if he's moanin' in enjoyment n also speakin' in sexual innuendo) simply resisted the obvious sexual come on n suddenly told the girl he had to leave unexpectedly!!!!!!!!!

Knowin' that the guy is not gay (or a monk, or has herpes, or is a monk with herpes) would ya (the girl) be turned on by the fact that the guy resisted the sexual temptation? Would ya respect him more? Would ya (under the "challenge system") be more attracted to him? Would ur interest level rise? Would ya make it your mission to seduce him later? Or, would ya be wierded out, give up n move on to easier prey (like any other horny fucker ya could find on the street who would jump in the sack simply if ya asked)......Just curious.............

(don't get harrash at me so hard. neither brin' out my parents nor the religious/socail issue, pls. as lon' as I concern, most of the gls from BD's rrrrrr unsatisfied with their partner(like husband) n keep it in their mind so lon' n start..........bla blaaaa bla!!!!!!!)

People Discussion
(Monday, September 03, 2001)

amader eiiiii site-a(bulletin board) jaraaaaa ashaaaaa...tara sobai adult!!!!!!so, kauika bolta hoba na jaaa, "ami room taka mess korshiiii"......toba haaaaaa ami hoito tomader cheya kishuta differences.....tomader drishtita mann-a hota para "spoil/stupid or so on so on"

(Monday, September 03, 2001)

chybal geche

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