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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2004
From: harun
Jonabe Ali

Chott Aktu Bhalovasa Dhiye
Godiya Achi Amar Ontor

Ashaa Tuku Tomay Niyee
Bhalovasa Tuku Kar?

Thaa Ki Bolte Hoiye Amay ?
Tumi Jee Amar

Surjo Doiye Tumi Amar
Surjo Ostoi Tumi Amar

Eti Tomar Jibon Shati
Jonabe Ali

People Discussion
(Wednesday, August 25, 2004)

Jonaba Ali ta keda hoibo Halum mama??

Surjo to bujlam.chan tara oigulan koi gelo....

(Wednesday, August 25, 2004)

hotath etto romantic hoiya gela ken? harun kichu to bhalo thektese na .. kar preme porso kow to

(Thursday, August 26, 2004)

monitor jonabe keda janonaaa

(Thursday, August 26, 2004)

Fiza Janu ami Kokhono Ki Upset Thaki naki .janu
hoito mon kharap thake kintu sobsomoy na

prem to tomar porsi

(Thursday, August 26, 2004)

atto image..

(Friday, August 27, 2004)

shuru ki onek agei to shuru hoise ekhon to prai sheser dike re Moni khala Image Code: 00-003
Mama Man Image Code: 08-008 u keep going Mama we jus love ur words

(Tuesday, August 21, 2007)

Hey guys!!!
I'm shelly form uk :D
Its all very nice to see you all here, but I think it would be nicer to see you all in
click on either chat or the forum.

I am sooooooo looking forward to seeign you guys there.

With all my love
mwah mwah mwah.

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