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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Sunday, September 02, 2001
From: Snow :
Intellectual der ke bolchi

Thanks Bushra for his up to date information.

Several days ago someone came from Bangladesh, he got a copy of 'Rohosshya Potrika' that is one of my fevorite magazine with him. I found the matter of applying of India in there. But I didnt know that India already did it.

If it is true and if India can manage to register their Calcutta Style Bangla character set, then we gotta get ready for a revolutional change in our language. Coz most of us will start using the Calcutta Style Bangla fonts in computer based systems as they would be easy and trouble free to use. Recurrently our next generation will start learning that Calcutta Style Bangla as the correct Bangla alphabet. This will have a great impact on our fundamental Bangla structure as because our future generation will mostly rely on computer based systems. And it will result in changing our traditional Bangla structure.

Ar amader muktijuddher chetonar nam vangiye khaoa so called jono protinidhira boshe boshe angul chushbe. Je vashar jonno muktijuddher moto ekta bapar shonghotito holo, shei vashar upor eto boro ekta aghat dekheo tara na dekhar van kore thakbe. Jani shorkar namok eshob unnecessary charecter gulor kisui korar nei e bapare, kintu web based community gulote amader majhei onek intellectual achen jara Kahlil Gibran, Shakespeare, Tagore niye ghontar por ghonta debate korte paren; jader educational quality ache, valo lekhar khomota ache... apnarao ki kisui korte paren na ei bapare ? Boro boro intellectual ra na hoy amader nagaler baire, kintu apnara to amader kacher manush, apnader shathe amra kotha bolte pari, temni apnarao to paren apnader higher level e ektu nara ontoto kisu suggestion dite, jate shorkar ke bad diye amrai keu kisu korte pari....ontoto chesta korte pari.

Muktijoddhara to amder ke vashata diye gasen, kintu eta rokkha kora to amader e daiyetto. Ar e daiyetto palon korte parle shomman ta ki ekjon muktijoddhar cheye kom hobe ?

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