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Friday, August 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, August 23, 2004
From: Shubodh
Remembrance: To Whom It May Concern

Once upon a time, there were some chatters used to stir this B2K chat room as no one could confront their ostentatious charisma. Now they have become void in this momentary subsistence. Those who haunt these vacant spaces understand that no one can possibly trounce them as surrogate. Does it sound nostalgic in spite of creating inimitable entities under a witty and solicitous administration?

People are not getting any younger. Possessing "aged-bhuries", some are still kicking the "bu...". As some see their end, they still love to see people doing "a three way tango" in front of all the coy eyes. Some still think that some would feel abducted comprehending their killer instinct. But all those puffy and distinctive whispers do not reach any complimentary ears.

At the end of the day they come across the excruciating realism. They visualize the counting of cats born over the years. Rainbows still remain in the destiny when they crack some ice in their head in delusion. Rosy brotherhood becomes perpetual than ever. The Shakespearean encounter by the dynamic duo never takes place as the secret garden remains closed for the visitor indefinitely. Flying an airplane into this B2K room has been a mournful streak. Conspiracy theory turns to be an illogical residue without promising allies.

Sycophancy still dominates as I speak, and if you take a peek, just pass through the welcome messages; guess who is still in charge!

What is preventing you to make a new age notch? Make it real by superseding the real time affairs. Let delight the B2K by the surge of your antediluvian glamour once subsisted. Let carry us to the rose-colored times once again. Retain the silver throne as it was meant to be teeming with solemnity. Let the urchin live without disguise. "Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance". Shall you perform one more time? I don't think so.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

hmmmmmm nick-er moto subodh nnnn -----------------------------------(ashole ato adject mann-e ashe na jokhon vabhi ki likhbo )

itzzzzz true "once upon a time" rrr lastly "shall we perform one more time?"........the answerzzzz "noooooo"(keno noi, janishhh? mann-e onek koshto peyechi, jokhon flood-er pani venge toder door knock korlam nn tor bon chinlo na. bole tumi ke? tomake to kokhono dekhechi bole mann-e hoi na rrr boner boro vhai meant "tui" nije giye torr ------- achole lukali jate ----------)

second thought second thought........hmmmmm "a basatrd's always a bastardd"

(Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

hmm bepar ta kichu ta bhabte hobe

(Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

Niche Amar Sil Ar Sign er laiga Jayga Rakhla Na ken????
Na Certificate ta hoy nai..........Image Code: 06-010

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