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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, August 21, 2004
13 killed

DHAKA, Aug 21 (BSS) - At least 13 people including two women were killed and many others injured in a series of explosions in front of Awami League central office here this afternoon. The explosions occurred the moment leader of the opposition and Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina concluded her speech at a party rally at 5-22 p.m.
However, Sheikh Hasina, who was on a truck, narrowly escaped unhurt and whisked away from the panic gripped scene where dozens, mostly AL leaders and workers, were seen lying in a pool of blood.
The rally was organised to protest against the recent bomb explosions in Sylhet and police actions in Gopalganj. The dead lying in Dhaka Medical Collage Hospital (DMCH) were identified as Rahima (40), Sufia (38), Moazzem (25), Zahed Ali (15), Momin (25), Abul Kashem (40), Mahbub (30), Liton (35) and Rafiq (30). Two other in the DMCH could not be identified while two other bodies were seen in the private Central Hospital. Among the injured AL leaders Ivy Rahman lost her both legs. Other central party leaders to receive the injuries were Abdur Razzak,MP, Amir Hossain Amu, Sheikh Selim, Suranjit Sen Gupta,MP, Kazi Zafarullah, MP, Rahmat Ali, MP, Mohammad Hanif, Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir, Advocate Shahara Khatun, Pankaj Debnath, Saeed Khokon and Ishaq Ali Panna.
Doctors said dozens other were being treated at the DMCH many with critical injuries.
Panic gripped the scene when the first explosion was heard near the truck Sheikh Hasina was addressing from. Puzzled party leaders, supporters and passers-by ran for safety the next blasts came without any interruptions.
Personal aides immediately developed a shield around Sheikh Hasina before she was taken to safety unhurt. Several journalists and policemen were also injured at the incidents.
Security men covered two more unexploded bombs with black clothes awaiting explosive experts.
The last explosion occurred after an hour near the scene reportedly injuring one vendor again creating panic at the scene. Angry crowd then started damaging running vehicles around the venue and it spread quickly in the nearby areas. They set fire to a large number of automobiles including cars and buses. Injured people were rushed to hospitals by rickshaw van and other vehicles.
Police swung into action, lobbed teargas shells, used water cannon and charged batons to disperse the agitated crowd and party activists.
Authorities later deployed BDR and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in the area.


People Discussion
(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

I was lucky enuf 2 survive dat...michil gula ashar shathe shathe rastai boro traffic jam hoi but amar car was last vehicle 2 go past dem...amar pichoner shob gari gular aste pareni n tara jaam-e pore n bomb attack-e pore...I m really lucky 2 miss it...thx 2 Allah!!! Ar car driver jodi na parto michil gula k overtake korte...may b I wud have encountered my worse nitemare a human being can ever experience!!!


(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

Damn! Inna lillahe wa inna ilahe rajeun...
These politicians....

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

Marsi bro
Oh gosh...thanx Allah that u are well!!!

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

keno emon hoy?

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

....innalillahewainnailaihe rajiun...

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

Wofff Shudu Bomb Bomb R Bomb .. Allahhhh .. Er sesh kuthai ??

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

Inna lillahe wa inna ilahe rajeun.
ses hobe . ,..hobe ekdin jokhon amio innalillah khabo tokhon amar jibon theke to ses hobe eishob Image Code: 00-003 ar bd er kopale er ses nai mone hoi Image Code: 00-005

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

sesh nai Rahol, eto shobe shuru...AL jabe, BNP jabe...molla noeto military thakbe sesh porjonto....

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

deshe kono sorkar achhe bole amar mone hoi na....dorkar action..police bahini ki kore?eto beshi beshi bombing hole amra aanorjatik vabe sontrashi hoye jabo...tobe sob somoy sadharon manus e more..jara niirdush.....

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

...Deep..Image Code: 00-000...beshi paknami korbana...Image Code: 00-005...

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

ami aj shokale (22/08) tv news dekhlam mriter shonkha 18 jon e unnito hoyeche. ahoto onek r 1 joner 2 pa kete felte hoyeche. mriter shonkha aro barte pare ...
ctg te rickshaw chara kisu cholche na .... ager hartal gulo te kisu kisu bus r onno gari cholto but aj ta nei. onek khon dariye theke kono rokome 1 ta rickshaw kore office e ashlam risk niye ....
vabchi ai shonar bangla kobe somalia hoye jabe

(Sunday, August 22, 2004)

uuf.. so horrible .. keno je bd te erokom hoy... Image Code: 00-003

(Sunday, August 22, 2004)

innalillahewainnailaihe rajiun
Jah Hoiye Ase Bhalo Hoiye Ache
Kintu Eta Howar Chilona Ki Kora allah Jokhon Cheye Asen tai Amon Hoilo

Jarah Pran Hariye Tader Attar Magperat Kamona Kori

(Sunday, August 22, 2004)


(Sunday, August 22, 2004)

Ei Desh Kar jonno?
Kaleda, tarek, Nizamir?
Eker por ek BOMA, hotthakando hocche!!
Sorkari goyendhara fail..manei Sorkar fail..
Je Sorkar Jonogoner Nirapottha dithe pare na sei
Sorkar kisher bichar korbe? Kisher Todontho Commision?
Mittha ar Mithhae Bora BD politice..!
Ek ta Mittha ke dhakar jonno arek ta Mitthar
ashoroy neya...ekta Hottha ke dhakar jonno arek ta Hottha..
.Desh mukut poriye Juboraj, rani bananor paetara...
lakko manush na keye thake..laku ma boner ijjoth niye tana tani.
..Shifon sari ar Kora makeup er arale sob kisui dhakaa pore jae..
.13 ta manush morlo...ekta montri minister pothotegh korlo na..

(Sunday, August 22, 2004)

.what a drama...what a government for people...for the people.
.bye the people..Kobir bhasahe Bolthe hoy...
# Dheke ja nikilesh Banglar manush Ki bhabe becche acchee..
.K-ku-r hoye shontrashir payer tolaee#..
amora morbo...amora khadbo...amora gayebi janaga porei jabo.
.amader Ma boner 2 pa hariyee more jame...amader Ma ra tader
sontan der ador theke bonchitho kore bulet er agathe more jabe...
amader Ma ra Prodhan montri hoy..arale arek Ma ke kun korbe...
amader Ma ra hajar kuti takar lobe ..bangla desh ke kuloshitho korbe.
..ei amar desh...etai amaora cheyesilam????

Rony Salman
(Sunday, August 22, 2004)

Such a heinous and grisly political act that is!! Who are these sick, heartless and maniac people who cold-bloodedly issue commands to kill innocent people? Our religion would term it guilty of the greatest sin committed in killing of innocent mass people. Nor any political strategy under the prevailing circumstances would support the malicious act! This is no fight between different races or religion; these are our brothers on both sides only having different political views!! Government will be doing no less of a crime if they let the culprits along with their mastermind get away with it, however, I belief, even they get a respite now, they will have to pay eventually for the grisly crime they committed and the payment will be too high then!! DHORMER KOL BATASHEY NOREY!!

Rony Salman
(Sunday, August 22, 2004)

The number of death has been increased to 18 now!!

(Monday, August 23, 2004)

DhirgoNishsas!!! DhirgoNishsas!!!
Ki r kora, shudhu nirobe cheye thaka r mone mone kotha bola! Achara r kieee ba koraaa??

(Tuesday, August 24, 2004)

May Allah Rest their soul....Aminn

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