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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

Parenting Group

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 18, 2004
From: cuty
~Bacchader Golpo~

Two babies were sitting in their cots, when one baby shouted to the other, "Are you a little girl or a little boy?" "I don't know," replied the other baby giggling.
"What do you mean, you don't know?" said the first baby.
"I mean I don't know how to tell the difference," was the reply. "Well, I do," said the first baby chuckling.
"I'll climb into your cot and find out."
He carefully climbed into the other baby's cot, then quickly disappeared beneath the blankets. After a couple of minutes, he resurfaced with a big grin on his face. "You're a little girl, and I'm a little boy," he said proudly.
"You're ever so clever," cooed the baby girl, "but how can you tell?" "It's quite easy really," replied the baby boy, "you've got pink booties and I've got blue ones!" Image Code: 06-002"

People Discussion
(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

parenting group e publish korlam

Image Code: 13-003

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

cuty apa eto kisu buje?

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

afuni re tor mathai ekhon dekhi buddhir dhew khele

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

Matha Mone hOi Koddus Ali Update Kore Diya Ase Tai aj Kal Metha Onek Khelai Oi Picchi Buddur

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

so cute cuty is kuddus ali orfe Modonali

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

kita koitam re cuty .....

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

...amar pink colorer juta ase..huh hu...Image Code: 03-017

(Friday, August 20, 2004)

amar daddys little angel er bib ache @bubu

(Friday, August 20, 2004)

amar konoi juta nai , amare keda porai dibo omme Image Code: 00-002

(Friday, August 20, 2004)

(Friday, August 20, 2004)

.. Khek khekk kheki khekii
Image Code: 09-016

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

juta nai deepmoni? #frwon#
taile ki chappol (sandal) ase,?

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

*dhur type na kore click korle hoytho
*** hobe,#frwon# na...

(Saturday, August 21, 2004)

sandal nai re afuni
tobe chondon kather Khorom ache

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