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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Saturday, September 01, 2001
From: shybal
~~`!~~ Dump ain't easy~~`!~~

At some point in our lives, we r faced with the difficult decision of breakin' up with the person that we care bout deeply, but no longer love. The question is how to break up with the person without causin' too much pain or psychological damage???????

Most men/women feel too guilty to break up with their girlfriend/boyfriend, postpone it until a later date n delay the inevitable. Other men/women simply drop the bomb coldly, without any notice. A person should exit gracefully by plannin' the break up, to minimize the grief caused to their partners.................

As the dumper, breakin' up is never easy, especially when ya rrrrrr consumed with guilt. Ya start to regret makin' all those promises bout ridin' off with her/his into the sunset. Breakin' up with ur gf/bf is a time of disillusionment, primarily because ya never planned to break up with friend in the first place!!!!!!!!!!

Some men feel guilty bout hurtin' the other person n torture themselves by stayin' in the same sticky situation(a weak minded guy). This is unfair to the man as well as the woman. If the happiness in the relationship just isn't there for ya, then it's probably not there for oposite gender......bein' comfortable to make a decision n don't feel guilty bout breakin' up, 'caz ya 'll only be savin' both of ya a lot of trouble in the long run.........

Honesty really is the best policy. Treatin' the relationship n the person, with respect n dignity helps soften the blow. Breakin' up is hard to do, but there is only one way to break up with someone; in person. If ya don't, "ya are a coward who obviously has neither the integrity, nor the sincerity, to tell her/him that ur relationship is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She/he might get emotional when ya tell the sad truth, so ya might want to break up with oposite in the public eye. This 'll make it easier for ya to get ur full message across before she interrupts ya by cryin'(this lines r for gls).......

When tellin' the awful truth, come clean n be sure to keep a serious face. Say the words sincerely, leave no room for doubt n never back down- especially when she starts to cry n ya feel horrible. There is no room for any white washin' or delayin'. That 'll only make matters worse n further prolon' ur(all of us) agony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The truth of the matter is, breakups always follow the same pattern n life does go on. The dumpee 'll meet new people, 've new experiences n their breakup 'll be, but a distant memory, a signpost in your colorful life...........

Goin' through a bad breakup n survivin' it, really gives ya a jaded, cynical outlook on life, whether ya were the dumper or the dumpee. It's possible that ya 'll both feel that "the sky is no longer as blue, n that the grass will never be as green", especially right after the breakup!!!!!!!! Nothin' is ever the way ya expected it to turn out. Breakin' up is no different..................

(The worst thin' ya could do to the person after breakin' up with pretend that ya still want to get cozy with them for just one more night)

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