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Friday, August 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 18, 2004
From: Siddiquee J. Alberuny
Life of Raul

from what i am going to start.... well i was in Love and now my love is gone past date is 11th Aug...
She is my cousin..... Name Elora... Well God is Crazy...He took her from me and why that i dont know. B2k people that is my story...

She was 26 only and why She died... becvause of Brain & Liver damage...

She suffer from Jondise & her belurobin was 30 + why i am telling u ppl of B2k cuz be careful if any one have that kind of desises plz dont neglect ....... ppl i dont knowe why God gave me that punishment to me... and i dont know how long it will take time to get out that from that sorrow... just pray for her and plz dont neglect that thing...

her b_day was 10th Aug.... and died 11th Aug. She left me in this beautiful world. I dont know about u ppl but plz pray for her

take care ppl

People Discussion
(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

Opss, why GOD so Crazy...
Amon keno Hoi,

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

May Allah rest her soul in peace.

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

balo manushera prithibi ke janthe kub kom somoy pai tai na?

Allah unake behesth nosib korun

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

Amon Too Howar Chilo Jah Tumi Chaw Na . Oita Kintu Allah Cheye asen

Dua Kori Allah Unake Behesto Nochib Korun

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

taar atta-r magfiraat kamona korchhi. Allah taake jannat daan korun, ameen.
feeling sorry for you Alberuny

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

allah unak behest naseeb korun.

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

allah unak behest naseeb korun.

Siddiquee J. Alberuny
(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

thankx ppl for ur words. thankx a lot, just pray for her

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

May god bless her departed Soul..Amin!

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

May Allah rest her soul in peace.

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

pray for all dead frnds......allah tader azab maf korun.....

feeling sad bro....

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

....Im so sad about wat happened to ya bhaia... ...Mai ALLAH rest her soul in great peace...

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

Who makes us, knows more than us. Only He knows what is better and why we are sufferer.
Therefore, We pray to Him that her soul takes rest in peace and Allah take her to heaven!

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

Allah only does what is best for us...
May allah SWT grant her jaanath, dua roylo, Amin

(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)


(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

Allah tar attar magferat kamona korun ..

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, August 18, 2004)

My condolence Siddiquee, may her departed soul rest in peace!

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

May God rest her departed soul in peace .. Allah Humma Amin ..

(Thursday, August 19, 2004)

Chole jaoa mane prosthan noy, noy badhon sinno korar arto chitker.........chole gelo aro odhik theke jay (taar) na thakar vire .......

i would like to pray for you so that you can be easy with your daily life

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